Hong Kong & Macau! A Grand Luxury Tour

Hong Kong Macau tour is a Grand luxury tour and is an uptrend. The relaxed and adaptable itinerary customized according to the traveler’s choices conveys a sense of luxury in its way. In such a competitive and demanding world, having something on self demand is luxury.

The extravagant cruise and ferry boat drives draw lots of honeymoon duos to spend some intimate time on the ocean, away from uncontrolled city life.

The luxury Hong Kong Macau trip is also grand because of the animated experience that is enjoyed at Disneyland, a ranch of superheroes and Disney characters which are a treat to every eye, be it kid, teenage, adult or senior citizens. A Macau Hong Kong tour package will be the best package for your holidays this time.

The Hong Kong Macau is only 86 Kms away from each other via road. There are three popular options for tourists to travel from Hong Kong to Macau:

Travellers are coming in a small group, large group, or in a family or are solo travellers, for fascinating destinations to find adventure, romance, peace or solace during the stay. The shopaholics also find their ultimate peace on this trip.

The stay in Hong Kong and Macau are comfortable and luxurious. The graciousness is elongated in proffering world-class amenities, multi-cuisine dining, pick up by personal helicopters, lavish spas and several other amenities. Some of the most competent resorts to stay in Hong Kong are: Regal Kowloon Hotel, Grand Hyatt, The upper house and the expense to stay in such hotels varies from HK$ 1000-HK$2000.

Stay in Macau is also luxurious because of its animated ambience and larger than a lifestyle. Some of the most competent resorts to stay in Macau are Venetian Hotel, Grand Coloane Resort, Hotel Okura. The stay here

span up to  Chinese Yuan 300-1200.

What makes Hong Kong Macau Trip so Grand?

The Hong Kong Macau trip is planned in such a style that you can experience both the cities in convenience, luxury and recreation. The perfect holiday here is flexible and will hold you in your manner of activities.

1) Luxury Deal

The explorer can appreciate the most selective stay, most excellent dining alternatives, most high-grade cruise, best plan in economical prices. The grand luxury trip can be planned to Hong Kong Macau for passionate lovers, buddies, parents with kids, senior citizens and also for solo travellers, at the budget of Rs75,000-Rs 1,30,000 depending on guest choice.

2) Luxury Itinerary

Economical and Flexible itinerary of Hong Kong Macau tour can be conceived according to guest demand for Luxury. The different moods have a different itinerary to follow. Travellers are arriving in a small group, big group,  corporate groups this tour allure everyone. The unique and convenient way to drive from Hong Kong and Macau is on  55 km bridge that unites both cities with cable-stayed bridges, an underwater tunnel, and four man-made islands. The drive is not only astounding but also reasonable and fast.

According to us, the 5 days itinerary in Hong Kong Macau trip is perfect which covers all the important attractions of both the cities.

3) Grand  Vacation

The Hong Kong Macau tour is a Grand vacation with infinite activities to relish. You are inclined to have more major fun if you choose one grand Hong Kong Macau trip plan for the holiday. You can enjoy

  • Expensive Voyage on sea or cruise
  • Adventurous day at Disneyland
  • Adventurous expedition to Wildlife safari
  • Unbelievable Underwater parks
  • Massive and alluring Shopping arcades
  • Luxurious and lavish hotels
  • Serene and purposeful monasteries

And several more things to do.

4) Luxurious Experiences:

You will experience the most luxurious stay, erotic dining with multi cuisines, enjoy the lavish cruise, and will be part of two animated cities. most suitable itinerary in most appealing prices. Hong Kong is the city that never sleeps. The place is bustling all night with travellers and localities wandering for restaurants, bars, cafes, tall high skyscrapers, and the thrilling nightlife. While Macau is considered as Las Vegas of Asia. the place is popular for a luxurious stay and massive and elite casinos at every nook. The casinos lure lots of adventurous guests to attempt with their luck and take a chance to become a millionaire overnight.

Finally, I conclude with a definition of Luxury. What is a luxury and what do you expect on your grand luxury Hong Kong Macau tour?

Luxury adjusts with particular individuals benefit and comfort. Each person has a distinct idea of showing their luxury. For some luxury is staying in sumptuous places, savoring famous meals and appreciating the generosity. But, for some being whimsical and moulding the journey according to their desire and is the new meaning of luxury.

When you choose the Grand luxury Hong Kong Macau trip you can be ensured to experience

  • luxurious stay
  • Reliable and convenient transportation.
  • Well versed localities
  • Gala dining experience.
  • Flexible but still complete itinerary

Have a Grand luxurious trip and share your experience with us.
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