Khatu Shyamji Tour Package from Madurai

Madurai to Khatu Shyam

Our Khatu Shyamji tour packages from Madurai is a beacon of devotion, attracting pilgrims from various parts of India, including the southern city of Madurai. Rajasthan Cab has specially curated Khatu Shyamji Tour Packages to cater to the devout from this region.

The packages encompass flight booking assistance between Madurai and Jaipur, followed by the road to the temple. Given the considerable distance, comfortable accommodation, often with a range of options from budget to luxury, is provided for travelers. All our tours include guided temple visits, acquainting devotees with the profound tales linked to Khatu Shyamji.

About Khatu Shyamji Temple –

Khatu Shyamji Temple is a highly revered pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Krishna, believed to be the manifestation of his Shyam avatar. Adorned with intricate designs and colorful frescoes, this ancient temple radiates spiritual vibrancy. It’s especially bustling during the Phalgun Mela, drawing devotees from across the globe. The temple’s divine bliss and rich heritage make it an essential visit for spiritual seekers.

Distance from Madurai to Khatu Shyamji: The road trip from Madurai to Khatu Shyamji Temple would cover 2405 kilometer of distance with a duration of around 43 hours.

How to travel from Madurai to Khatu Shyamji?

  • By Air: From Madurai Airport, travelers can fly to Jaipur International Airport, the closest to Khatu Shyamji. After landing in Jaipur, the journey can be continued by hiring a taxi or boarding a bus for the remaining 80 km to Khatu Shyamji.
  • By Train: Madurai is connected to various cities by rail. For Khatu Shyamji, one can board a train to Jaipur or the nearer Ringas Junction. From these stations, local transportation can be availed to reach the temple.
  • By Road: The journey from Madurai to Khatu Shyamji spans approximately 2,300 km via the NH44. While long, the trip showcases the diverse landscapes of India, offering a memorable travel experience.

The packages might also integrate guided sightseeing in Rajasthan, offering a blend of spirituality and cultural exploration. Understanding the diverse culinary tastes of South Indians, meal provisions often have a mix of regional and local cuisines. Our comprehensive Rajasthan Tour Packages ensure a hassle-free and spiritually enriching journey from Madurai to Khatu Shyamji.

Khatu Shyam Tour Packages


Khatu Shyam Salasar Tour

Duration: 1 Day
Destination:  Khatu Shyam


Jeen Mata Khatu Shyamji Salasar Tour

Duration: 2 Nights 3 Days
Destination: Khatu Shyam, Salasar, Jeen Mata


Khatu Shyamji Salasar Rani Sati Tour Package

Duration : 1 Night 2 Days
Destination : Khatu Shyam, Salasar, Rani Sati

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