Khatu Shyam Tour Package from Kanpur

Kanpur to Khatu Shyam

Tour Overview:

Discover the famous religious attraction of Rajasthan, with our amazing Khatu Shyamji Tour Package from Kanpur. Embark on a spiritual voyage from Kanpur to the sacred Khatu Shyamji Temple in Rajasthan and immerse in the divine atmosphere of this highly revered shrine. The tour promises a fusion of devotion, history, cultural exploration, and a memorable travel experience. Book a suitable taxi service with us and get the best deals or discounts on them.

About Khatu Shyamji Temple –

The Khatu Shyamji Temple, located in the peaceful town of Khatu, Rajasthan, is a widely revered Hindu shrine devoted to Lord Krishna. Devotees from across the country come to seek blessings and spiritual peace at this temple. The majestic architecture and delicate carvings of the temple, as well as the heavenly presence of Lord Shyam, create an environment of reverence and tranquility.

Distance from Kanpur – The distance from Kanpur to Khatu Shyamji Temple is approx. 610 kilometers which takes around 10 to 11 hours to reach there.

How to travel from Kanpur?

By Air : There’s no direct flight from Kanpur to Khatu Shyamji, you can board a flight that is the nearest to the temple. From Jaipur, you can continue your journey by taxi, train, or bus.

By Train : Another mode of transportation is by train. Kanpur is well-connected to various cities in Rajasthan, including the nearest railway station to Khatu Shyamji Temple.

By Road : The most convenient way to travel is by road. One can choose to hire a private taxi service with Rajasthan Cab and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free transfer.

Book your Khatu Shyamji tour with a Rajasthan cab and enjoy a seamless and enriching experience here. Our team specializes in organizing religious tours, focusing on your comfort, convenience, and spiritual well-being. We provide personalized travel assistance through the booking process, taking care of transportation, accommodation, temple visit, and local guides. Book a tour with us and embark on an unforgettable quest to seek blessings and inner peace at this sacred destination.

Khatu Shyam Tour Packages


Khatu Shyam Salasar Tour

Duration: 1 Day
Destination:  Khatu Shyam


Jeen Mata Khatu Shyamji Salasar Tour

Duration: 2 Nights 3 Days
Destination: Khatu Shyam, Salasar, Jeen Mata


Khatu Shyamji Salasar Rani Sati Tour Package

Duration : 1 Night 2 Days
Destination : Khatu Shyam, Salasar, Rani Sati

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