Pushkar Tour Packages

One of the oldest cities of India, Pushkar is located near Ajmer in Rajasthan...

Pushkar Tour Packages

One of the oldest cities of India, Pushkar is located near Ajmer in Rajasthan but is separated by Nag Pahar. Being one of the most popular tourist places, Pushkar has an abundance of temples and ghats to explore. It is the only place housing the rare Brahma Temple all over India. This pilgrimage site attracts tourists of all kinds and interests. Pushkar Tour Package of Rajasthan Cab is a great way to experience the history and heritage of the city. Booking tour packages with us can let you enjoy multiple exciting experiences that will blow off your mind. The package will include car rental services with hotel booking in Pushkar. So, you can enjoy your trip in a relaxing way.

About Pushkar & Tourism –

Pushkar is the only religious place in Rajasthan having over 500 temples to bow down and around 52 ghats surrounding the city. Staying here can bring peace to your mind from prayers and bells that soothe the heart and soul. The pilgrims and travelers are bound to be surrounded by its serene and tranquil atmosphere. Planning a Pushkar Tour with family or friends is incomplete without getting engaged in the annual Pushkar Camel Fair. This desert carnival is celebrated with a gala in the month of Kartik that usually falls in October or November. The beautiful Pushkar Lake is the pinnacle of a pilgrimage visit.

Best places to visit:

  • Brahma Temple Pushkar –The only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma attracts Hindu pilgrims from all across the state.
  • Pushkar Lake –According to Hindu scripture, the sacred Pushkar Lake is dedicated to Tirtha Raj, the King of all Pilgrimage sites.
  • Rangji Temple –The gracious and conspicuous Rangji Temple is another popular shrine that witnesses thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year.
  • Varaha Temple –The largest and most ancient temple of Pushkar is dedicated to the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a wild boar.
  • Gurudwara Sahib Pushkar –Located on the eastern side of Pushkar lies Gurudwara Sahib Pushkar. The Sikh holy shrine commemorates the visit of the first and tenth gurus of the community.

Popular Tours with Pushkar –

Jaipur Pushkar Tour: Witness the magnificence of Rajasthan in a 5 days tour to witness the rich heritage and architecture of the city. On this tour, you will enjoy 3 days of sightseeing in Jaipur and 2 days tour of Pushkar. Experience the grandiose of Pushkar while traveling around the cities.

Pushkar Jodhpur Trip: Plan your weekend getaway from Pushkar to Jodhpur and enjoy your great time with family or friends. Embark a visit to Mehrangarh Fort settled on a cliff which is popular for its architectural beauty. Get a chance to see the royalty in Jaswant Thada.

Camping in Pushkar: Book your short escape of 2 days in the Pushkar desert. This during the months of the winter season and enjoy your memorable time. Spend your great time while enjoying a desert safari, Pushkar Sightseeing, dune bashing, cultural evening with bonfire, and camping in the desert.

Jaipur Ajmer Pushkar Tour: The wonderful 3 days tour of Jaipur Ajmer and Pushkar gives a lot of opportunities to enthrall everyone. Visit the culturally rich city of Ajmer and the holy town of Pushkar in a private full-day tour by car rental Jaipur.

How to reach Pushkar –

Pushkar is well-connected to all the major tourist cities in varied ways. Ajmer (15 Kms) and Jaipur (150 kms) are the most famous nearby hubs from where you can easily plan an escape. Jaipur’s airport is the nearest airport to Pushkar while the nearest railway station is in Ajmer. From both these places, road connectivity to Pushkar is excellent, so you can opt for a road trip. Hiring Car Rental in Pushkar is a hassle-free way to access the city from any corner of Rajasthan or India.

Best time to visit –

Weather in Pushkar is typically dry with the nights being cool and days significantly hot. There is intermittent rainfall since this is a desert region. Planning holidays in Pushkar in each season will expose different colors of the city. Therefore, the summers and monsoon in Pushkar can often be unbearable and extremely hot. This makes Winter Season (November to February) the best time to visit this enchanting holy destination in Rajasthan.

Book your Pushkar Tour Package with Rajasthan Cab at the best affordable rates and get the best deals on it. Get a customized tour plan for traveling around Pushkar or any of your preferred tourist cities. Talk to our travel experts and they will suggest the best for your holidays.

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