Ayodhya Tour Packages from Kolkata

Jaipur to Ayodhya Tour Packages

Ayodhya Tour Packages from Kolkata is a thoughtfully curated journey that seamlessly blends cultural exploration with historical reverence. Discover the sacred Ram Janmabhoomi, Hanuman Garhi, and Sita Ki Rasoi, immersing yourself in Ayodhya’s rich tapestry. Convenient travel options, including flights or trains from Kolkata, ensure a comfortable and hassle-free experience. Guided tours provide deep insights into the city’s cultural and religious significance, while cozy accommodations enhance your stay. The tour package harmoniously fuses Kolkata’s vibrant charm with Ayodhya’s sacred allure, promising a transformative pilgrimage.

Distance from Kolkata: 920 kms Time required to reach there: 18 hours

Ram Mandir, Ayodhya: The majestic Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is the epitome of faith and cultural heritage. Dedicated to Lord Ram, it is a sacred pilgrimage site representing centuries of devotion and history.

Nearby Temples:

  • Hanuman Garhi
  • Kanak Bhawan
  • Nageshwarnath Temple
  • Treta Ke Thakur
  • Mani Parvat Temple
  • Dashrath Mahal
  • Sita Ki Rasoi
  • Gulab Bari
  • Choti Devkali Temple
  • Rajeshwar Temple

How to reach Ayodhya from Kolkata?

By Air: Fly to Lucknow Airport, then take a taxi or bus to Ayodhya.
By Train: Board a train to Faizabad Railway Station, near Ayodhya.
By Road: Opt for long-distance buses or hire a taxi to journey to Ayodhya.

Embark on an extraordinary excursion from Kolkata to Ayodhya with a Rajasthan cab. Book now for a profound exploration of Ayodhya’s cultural and spiritual treasures.

Top Ayodhya Tour Packages

Ayodhya Tour Package for 3 Days

Ayodhya Tour Package 3 Days

3 Days 2 Nights.

Ayodhya Tour Package for 4 Days

Ayodhya Tour Package 4 Days

4 Days 3 Nights
Ayodhya, Varanasi

Ayodhya Tour Package 5 days

Ayodhya Tour Package 5 days

5 Days 4 Nights
Varanasi, Ayodhya, Pryagraj

Ayodhya Tour Package 7 days

Ayodhya Tour Package 7 days

7 Days 6 Nights
Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Allahabad, Ayodhya

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