Khatu Shyam Tour Package from Nagpur

Nagpur To Khatu Shyam Tour Package

Set on a spiritual journey with our Khatu Shyamji Tour Packages from Nagpur. This meticulously crafted tour takes you to the revered experience at the historical Khatu Shyamji Temple in Rajasthan, a place of rich spiritual resonance. We facilitate your travel from Nagpur to Khatu Shyam with a choice of air or train journey followed by road trips.

The holiday package includes comfortable accommodation, meals, guided temple visits, and exploring nearby attractions. Indulge in the divine bliss of the temple, engage in religious ceremonies, and relish local Rajasthani cuisines. This all-encompasses the spiritual tour from Nagpur to Khatu Shyamji Temple, offering an inspiring and tranquil experience you’ll cherish forever.

About Khatu Shyamji Temple –

Khatu Shyamji Temple, nestled in Rajasthan, India, is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site. Devoted to Khatu Shyam, regarded as a manifestation of Lord Krishna, the temple holds significant religious reverence. Known for its intricate architecture and spiritual aura, it draws devotees from around the globe, offering a unique spiritual solace.

Distance from Nagpur: Nagpur to Khatu Shyamji Temple is about 1046 kilometers, with a travel distance of 19 hours.

How to reach?

By Air- Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur operates flights to Jaipur International Airport, the closest to Khatu Shyamji. Once in Jaipur, you can hire a taxi to reach the temple, a journey of about 3 hours.

By Train- There are several trains from Nagpur to Jaipur. Upon reaching Jaipur Railway Station, taxis or buses can be taken to Khatu Shyamji.

By Road- For those preferring a road trip, you can drive from Nagpur to Khatu Shyamji, around 1,000 kilometers. The journey may take about 18-20 hours, offering beautiful views of the Indian countryside.

Please choose a suitable Khatu Shyamji Tour from our fleet of Rajasthan Tour Packages from Nagpur and get the best-ever travel experience. Get the best deals on booking in advance with Rajasthan Cab.

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