7 Most Visited Spiritual Places in India

Be it the chants of “Om Namaha Shivay” or a Muslim prayer “The Azaan” or the hymns of church – India’s diversity can be very well experienced in such spiritual places in India. Every state of this diverse country features some amazing holy places that draw visitors for an unparalleled spiritual detox. The ambiance around the religious places is filled with divine magic and positive vibes all together in one place. Owing to all this, India’s famous Spiritual Tours have become the most preferred choice of travelers over the years.

Top 7 Spiritual Places in India

With no dearth of pilgrimage sites in India, there are a few of the best or most visited spiritual places where people visit to pray and give their offerings to the Lord. It is amazing to experience how strongly pilgrims have faith in God, as they climb mountains and walk terrains just to seek a glimpse and pray for the well-being of their loved ones. If you are planning a spiritual tour in India, and are a bit confused about choosing the ideal one, then we have enlisted here some of the most famous holy places in India.

Maa Vaishno Devi Temple –

Ask any devotee about Maa Vaishno Devi Temple, they will tell you how soothing and relaxing the Maa Vaishno Devi Package can be. Throughout the year, this place expects a plethora of visitors flocking here from within or beyond this country. Snuggled in the embracing Trikuta Hills, Katra lies within the proximity of Jammu and Kashmir. It is often a part of the Kashmir Tour Package wherein Maa Vaishno Devi calls out to pilgrims every year.

Amarnath Caves –

One of the most important pilgrimage sites in India – the Amarnath Caves are said to be a haven for the pilgrims flocking to Kashmir Sightseeing Tour. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir where Lord Shiva revealed the secret of life and eternity of Goddess Parvati. However, the visit to the cave is permissible only during the months of Shravan i.e. July & August.

Golden Temple –

One of the best religious places in India, the Golden Temple is where divinity is in the air. Soon as you gaze at this majestic gurudwara, your head will bow down in respect. It offers a beautiful sight to behold in the evening and at night. It is when the reflection of the moon can be seen on the lake, that everything around feels placid.

Kedarnath Temple –

Yet another holy place in India, Kedarnath Temple is visited the most by one and all pilgrims in the country. The religious shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva and is the highest among the 12 Jyotirlingas and is believed to open the doorway to attain moksha. Perched at a height of 3583 meters above the sea level on the Garhwal Himalayan range of Uttarakhand, the Kedarnath Temple is a pivotal part of India’s famous Char Dham Yatra Package.

Tirupati Balaji –

Amongst the richest religious places in India, Tirupati Balaji is the home to Lord Venkateshwara. It is located in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. This temple also has its mentioned in ancient Puranas and Vedas it is located in the Tirumala Hills and enshrines an 8-feet tall idol of Lord Venkateshwara. The temple has non-stop chants of “Om Namo Venkatesaya”, in which you will feel the divine presence around you.

Basilica of Bom Jesus –

This might come to you as a surprise but the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa is yet another holy place to visit in India. Situated in the former capital, Old Goa, this church is a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site and is wonderfully designed. The priest, St. Francis Xavier was out to rest here and his coffin is still inside the church.

Jagannath Temple –

Among Hindu Pilgrims, Jagannath Temple has a special spiritual significance. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath also known as the “Lord of the Universe”. It is worshiped the most by Hindu devotees. The idol of the deity is made out of wood and is replaced every 12 or 19 years with a replica. A grand ceremony takes place during this ritual and people flock in abundance to be a part of it.

The list of spiritual places in India will never come to end… But these religious places are worth visiting in this country. For planning the best religious tour within a suitable time or your choice of interest, we can help you get an amazing spiritual tour. So, reconnect or strengthen your bond with God with us and head out for a soul-soothing journey to spirituality.

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