Jaisalmer Nightlife: What To Do And See In The Golden City After Dusk Falls

In the princely state of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is well-known for its rich heritage and heartwarming culture. The beautiful city has everything that tourists often seek to relish on their next holiday excursion. From breathtaking views and awe-inspiring architecture to historically rich structures, Jodhpur is endowed with rich architectural jewels and desert adventures. Experience the exciting nightlife in Jaisalmer is one of the must-do things on the Jaisalmer Tour Package. This is something that you should undergo while enjoying a memorable trip to Jaisalmer with your family or friends.

7 Most Interesting Things to do on Jaisalmer Night Tour

To have an idea of the cultural factors of Jaisalmer, one must experience the fascinating nightlife in Jaisalmer. Take a look down to know what’s in store for you in the princely state of Rajasthan, especially during the night.

Go on a Camel Safari Trail

Going out in the unexplored desert area for a camel safari at night will bring you some outstanding experiences. In its tranquil and non-crowded surroundings, you will get to see a sky full of stars over you. The charming golden city of Rajasthan glows up in the moonlight and riding on a camel back at night is simply the least-experienced attraction in Jaisalmer.

Stay back for Night Camping

One of the best things to do on the Jaisalmer Desert Safari Tour is camping you can enjoy it here with great zeal. This one is among those experiences that you should not miss when you are traveling in a group. A night camp stay is not just limited by the extent of relaxation after the thrilling ride but a fun-filled experience in itself.

Enjoy a Thrilling Desert Safari Adventure

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer at night can be a wonderful experience for travel freaks. There are various exclusive desert safari tours that take place in the nighttime. This can either be a camel safari or a jeep safari tour of the different desert routes. During the night, the temperature in the desert is quite pleasant and cool which makes it more exciting to experience the fun.

Road Trips to Nearby Places at Night

To explore the places around Jaisalmer, you can choose to take a road trip at night which could more exciting and happening. From Jaisalmer, there are many places to go near the city, like Jodhpur (282 kilometers), Khuri Sand Dunes, and nearby desert villages. On the way, you can observe the pleasant beauty of the cities.

Attend exciting Night Shows

If you are someone interesting in watching movies, dramas, and other entertaining shows that takes place in Jaisalmer. One can watch movies at Ramesh Talkies for ultimate fun at night with your travel buddies. Also, you can go for an evening cultural show in the desert wherein you will see the traditional folk dance and music performances of local artists.

Dine out at Restaurant –

This is the best thing to do in Jaisalmer tour by car at night, specifically when you are exploring the golden city with your significant other. There are many traditional and modern restaurants in Jaisalmer that are ideal for a perfect dinner date. Relish the delicious food of the best restaurant in Jaisalmer like Pleasant Haveli Rooftop Restaurant, The Jaisal Treat, and Jaisal Italy Restaurant.

Jaisalmer is rightly known as the Golden City of Rajasthan and through its golden hues, many travellers fall in love with the city. With glorifying past reflected in the majestic forts or palaces and heartwarming cultures, you can never have enough of this beautiful Jaisalmer city. When planning a holiday trip to Jaisalmer, add these amazing places that you can indulge into experience in Jaisalmer.

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