Mount Abu Tour Guide

One of the most famous Hill Station Places in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is located in the Sirohi district amidst the Aravalli Range. Located at an elevation of 1220 meters above sea level, Mount Abu is beautifully surrounded by lakes, rivers, forests, wildlife, and charming waterfalls. It is often referred to as “The Oasis in the Desert” because of being the only hill station in the desert state. The hill town has had immense importance since the Vedic period and is also discussed in the Puranas as the place where the sage Vashishta retired following his conflict with sage Vishvamitra. The enormous mountains were later ceded as a part of the Rajputana kingdom that was earlier used as a Summer Resort for the royal family.

It is the most famous place that is also a part of the Rajasthan Honeymoon Tour which makes it the most preferred place on the land of royals. This is a great place to plan a remarkable trip with a beloved partner in the state. To make your Mount Abu trip a relaxing and rejuvenating one, considering this tour guide will surely help you plan a wonderful tour of the city. So, whenever you plan a holiday to this destination the tour guide will make your journey relaxing and hassle-free.

Places to visit in Mount Abu –

The vibrant landscape of Mount Abu is embedded with many religious temples, lakes, wildlife reserves, and many other tourist places. Some of the best tourist places to see in Mount Abu are –

Dilwara Jain Temple – Demonstrating the best of architecture and craftsmanship, Dilwara Jain Temple dates back to the 11th and 13th centuries. The holy temple consists of five different complexes each of which is dedicated to Jain Temples.

Nakki Lake – This pristine lake is one the most famous tourist places to see in this city that offers many adventurous and fun-filled activities. Offering a chance to enjoy boating, the lake is vast and houses distinct marine life. Surrounding the lake, there are innumerable shops for shopping and food stalls.

Peace Park – Staying true to its name, the park has been providing peace to mind and soul. It is an ideal place for walking and performing yoga. The park is home to some of the most vibrant, colorful, and beautiful flora or fauna species. Here you can spot enjoyable activities like picnic or family day out.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary – Ensuring you a chance to marvel at the best of nature, this Wildlife Sanctuary is enclosed with scenic vistas and ample animal and bird species. The sanctuary lets you enjoy a safari in which you will be taken to explore its rich wildlife.

Guru Shikhar Peak – Located at an elevation of 1722 meters above sea level, Guru Shikhar Peak has been a famous place to go in the city. It is a real paradise for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. From the peak, you can capture stunning scenery of this place with sunrise and sunset views.

Things to do in Mount Abu –

Travelers visiting Mount Tour from Udaipur, Jaipur, or any other place in Rajasthan Tour Package can indulge in its natural surroundings. It is a famous pilgrim town visited by thousands of Hindu pilgrims to worship the Hindu and Jain temples here. If you are planning your trip for the first time, then get indulge in boating, trekking, and rock climbing are amazing adventures to enjoy in the city.

How long should I plan a trip to Mount Abu?

Mount Abu can be explored in 24 hours because of its limited sightseeing attractions. In one day you can discover the magnificence and natural charisma of the city. If you have more time to discover nearby places, then Udaipur is a great place to head out. From Mount Abu, Udaipur is approximately 161 kilometers away and the journey can be enjoyed by Mount Abu Taxi Service.

Shopping in Mount Abu –

Every traveler has a desire to take back some souvenirs as a symbol of a memorable trip. Therefore, you must not miss enjoying shopping in Mount Abu which is also one of the most amazing things to do here. Some of the most amazing things to shop in Mount Abu are sandalwood, antiquities, fabric work, metalwork, puppets, spices, paintings, pottery items, carpets, jewelry, and Gemstones. Don’t forget to bargain for the product you are buying while taking a tour of its bustling bazaars.

Best time to visit –

Usually, the town is most visited by people during the summer season as an escape from the scorching heat of the sun. During the summer months, the town brings great relief from hot sunny days. Despite this, the best time to visit Mount Abu is between September and November when the autumn season embraces its beauty. Even the months of October and November also mark the beginning of the festive season. At this time, Mount Abu became a major tourist attraction due to multiple cultural and religious programs organized here. The pleasant climate and rain showers in the monsoon season are the real retreat.

How to get there?

Mount Abu has a well-connected network to the major cities and towns in Rajasthan via road or rail. The nearest domestic airport is located 185 kilometers away in the Udaipur city from where you can hire Udaipur to Mount Abu Taxi. The city is well-linked with express highways, so you can travel conveniently. Another way to reach Mount Abu is through the railway. The Mount Abu railway station is well-connected to the other cities and accessible via Jaipur and Delhi by road. You can also opt for buses if suitable or else a cab rental service would be the best way to reach Mount Abu.

With this well-explained Mount Abu Tour guide, you can plan your memorable journey to a famous hill station. Experience the distinctive blend of Rajasthani flavors that gives a real retreat for vacationers and even honeymoon couples. So, plan a break in this heavenly town and spend your leisure holidays in Rajasthan.

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