Jaisalmer Tour -10 Must-Visit Places in Jaisalmer 2023-24

At the western side of India, in the middle of the world’s second-largest desert, the kingdom of Jaisalmer appears, like a golden mirage in a desolate landscape. A golden fortress that arises amid the yellow sandstone buildings and surrounded by dunes which create a beautiful Jaisalmer sightseeing.
It looks like a maize which can make you a little confused so, for the smooth tour you should go for Rajasthan cab. We are going to make your trip Jaipur to Jaisalmer more memorable. Our objective of the company is provided excellent service.
The main attraction of the city is Jaisalmer Fort, but believe us that other places will also going to make you feel to revisit again and again.

1. Visit Jain Temple

These attractive Temples were made up with yellow sandstone and have beautiful carved and painted over the walls. All the temples were built during the 15th century. The maharaja of Jaisalmer granted permission to build the temples; today you can see this beautiful art as a part of Jaisalmer tour package.

2. Admire All the Havelis

A Haveli is important manor and when people make it, they make it fancy. Havelis were usually structured with detailed elegant exteriors and they are a sight to stop and explore.
Nathmalji ki Haveli: This haveli was built for the prime minister of jaisalmer during the ancient times. The construction was carried out by the 2 sons of Nathmal ji in more competitive edge.
Patwon ki Haveli: this is the most famous haveli of jaisalmer. It is the combination of 5 structures which makes it city biggest haveli.

3. Go for Camel Trekking in the Thar Desert

It is the most popular tourist attraction in the region of Rajasthan. The temperature continued to cool till the night. Camel – the king of desert will make you feel like the biggest wanderer feeling. There are few ways to explore the camel trekking in Jaisalmer. You can opt. for half day camel trekking and overnight trekking. It all depends on your choice. The night camel riding will make you feel like the royal glam. The luxury tents will make your trip more festinating.

4. Take a Boat Ride on Gadisar Lake

This lake was manually made by the artists and it was built during the 14th century. The lake is a popular spot with visitors as you can rent paddling boats to take you out on the water. The best time to visit Gadisar lake is in the morning hours it will make jaisalmer tour more beautiful and scenic.

5. Bada Bagh  Cemetery

Bada Bagh is also known as Barabagh it is about 6km away from Jaisalmer. It features a series of royal cenotaphs or chatris. All the cenotaphs will make you feel a little complex but they all are beautifully carved.

6. Walk Through Jaisalmer Fort

One of the first things is to visit the fort. jaisalmer fort entry is free of cost unlike other fort’s who charge 800 to 5000rs. It has such a relaxed atmosphere over there. You can explore the fort without guard you can see rustic gem shop, and admiring the beautifully woven textile and rugs.
The fort is made of sandstone who had taken the color from the desert. Then the sun rays falls over the fort will make you feel that the fort is golden. Whenever you plan for jaisalmer tour, please make sure to add this fort without this your trip will not be complete.

7. There are several temples inside the fort. the fort has fragile architecture.

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