Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023: A Complete Guide

Jaisalmer Desert Festival is an annual carnival that takes place in February in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. A yearly desert festival takes place in the month of Magh (February), three days before the full moon. The celebration takes place in the midst of the Sam Sand Dunes which is around 42 km from the main city. It is a three-day-long spectacle embracing the rich traditions and cultures of Rajasthan Tourism. The festival is organized by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation.

To experience the grandeur of the royal state, the desert festival is an appropriate event to go to. The festival is all about celebrating the beautiful and ancient cultures of Rajasthan which can be seen as a mesmerizing spread on the golden dunes. There are various aspects of the festival that are charming and create a special place in your heart and mind. Discover the remote and unexplored location during the three-day extravaganza to get the delight of the Rajasthan desert tour package.

When & where does the Festival Takes Place?

The Desert Festival in Jaisalmer is celebrated annually in February in the desert region of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Legends behind this celebration –

The historic relation with the Desert Festival is not much known by the people. According to legends, it is believed that lord Krishna once told Arjuna that a descendant of the Yadav dynasty, established his kingdom on the Trikuta Hills. In the year 1196, his prophecy came true when Rana Jaisal founded the golden fort as his kingdom. Celebrations take place throughout the kingdom, and eventually, people come to know that the prediction had come true. This celebration soon developed into a festival that is now organized in the form of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival every year. The locals celebrate this by wearing the best apparel and singing folk songs.

Highlights of Jaisalmer Desert Festival –

  • This indigenous festival comprises warm colors pleasing to the eyes, music, food, laughter, and zest. It is a perfect place to feel the essence of Rajasthan, its tradition, culture, and hospitability.
  • Alongside the ethical pleasure, there are a lot of activities for adrenaline junkies such as dune bashing desert, quad biking, and parasailing. one should keep in mind the instruction and safety of themselves while doing it.
  • Camel safari through the golden sand is a must-have experience. Other than camel racing and camel polo also take place.
  • The Gir dance and folk fire dance, Rajasthani cuisine, puppet show, juggling, and folk music are other indigenous attractions that people can amuse themselves with.

Competitions and events

The festival begins with a grand procession starting from the Jaisalmer fort to shahid Poonam Singh stadium. The festival alongside the dancing and singing can witness various events and competitions where enthusiasm and high spirits can be felt in the air.

Folk Music – the local artists of Rajasthan sing and dance, giving their best performance. The music reverberating through the golden sand creates an amiable atmosphere to enjoy and uplift your mood.

Food festival – any festival is incomplete without food and that said the mouthwatering food of Rajasthan is the perfect treat. The world-famous Rajasthani cuisine is on full display and the people can enjoy the best food of the state such as Daal bati, Gatte ki Sabzi, Lal Maas, Churma, Ghevar, etc, and experience the flavor of Rajasthan.

Camel race – camels decorated with colorful ornaments and bells and flowers are a common sight. The camels take part in the camel race organized and the owner of the winning camel receives the huge prize money. There are also arrangements for camel polo.

Turban tying competition – the turbans are considered as the element of prestige and the higher tied the person will be the winner. It’s a fun and different competition to see.

Mr. Desert Competition – also known as the man of the desert, the participants are judged based on the length of their mustache, the person having the longest mustache wills win. It is a fun and interesting competition to watch.

Other attractions – aside from these competitions there are a lot of other things for entertainment such as puppet shows, snake charmers, acrobats, mehndi artists, art sellers, and many others.

It’s a festival demonstrating high spirit, ethnicity, values, and zest, a must-have experience for the natives as well as the tourists. After the long harsh winters, this is a perfect getaway, to step out of winter wools and step into flavors of folk fusion from the Jaisalmer Tour Packages.

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