What it feels like to go on a hot air balloon safari in Jaipur?

Hot air balloon safari in Jaipur

Soaring over the skyline for the very first time gives a closer look at many surreal views that leaves anybody spellbound. Now imagine yourself floating over one of the most popular cities of north India, without that constant hum of a plane engine. Yes, I am talking about a hot air balloon ride in Jaipur. No wonder, you might have visited Jaipur, Rajasthan plenty of times, but I can bet you haven’t experienced the hot air balloon ride yet.

Here in this article, I will disclose what it feels like to go on a hot air balloon safari on a Jaipur sightseeing tour. So, let’s quickly dig over the information.

Experiencing the balloon ride in Jaipur –

As the balloon lifts, your body feels weightless and free along with the experience of watching historical jewels of the city from the sky. Feel your breath catch at the view of those sprawling enormous walls of forts, surroundings lakes, lush greenery, and scenic views of sunrise or sunset. Squint your eyes to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking Jal Mahal as the sun reflects shimmering on the lake. It feels so magical and exciting that no one can ever miss it. Especially when in the Pink City of India, Jaipur on a holiday package by Rajasthan Cab.

Jaipur and its beautiful splendor –

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is widely famous for its royal roots and pink-hued structures in the old markets. Being home to multiple colossal forts and heritage palaces of kings and queens, Jaipur takes travellers on a heritage ride of the bygone era. The ride gives you an insight into an ancient legacy – in the architecture, the stories, and the places the rulers used to live in during their realm.

Each pink stoned structure has a story to tell. Maybe that is why travellers find their feet turning towards the brilliance of this magnificent city overtime again. Indeed, Jaipur is a treasure trove for travellers of all interests and comforts.

From sparkling traditional jewelry to lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisines, and from creative handicrafts to authentic textiles, Jaipur’s shopping places have everything that you just don’t want to miss shopping here. The city is a muse for everyone – be it cultural aficionados or artistry lovers and thrill seekers. Discovering the Jaipur walking tour has been a wonderful activity for all traveller who come to the city for experiencing something new. There’re so many amazing activities to participate in and double the places to see and visit.

Why choose a hot air balloon ride in Jaipur?

Hot air ballooning in Jaipur provides an unmatched travel experience that does not cease to amaze travellers. This is the activity that will leave you emotionally charged with the panoramic view of the beautiful city. Feel the cool breeze while the moving balloon takes you around the endless sky on an undefined route.

A Jaipur hot air balloon ride will take you to locations that you couldn’t get on foot, unlike a pre-planned Jaipur tour itinerary. As suggested by the sprawling expanse of forts and attractions, the ride is going to leave you spiked. The earthy “pinkness” of Jaipur is an aesthetic delight to observe from above.

Gear up your imagination and rethink about being lifted in the sky with your ride being propelled forward by the soft-blowing wind. A hot air balloon ride allows you to do a lot of things that no other type of flight can do. So, it is an experience that you cannot visit. Just like picking up leaves from the trees, waving to the kids as they watch the balloon float away from the terraces of their homes.

Best time for enjoying a Hot air balloon ride:

Although rides are offered all year round, September to November is seen to be the best time to book a hot air balloon flight in Jaipur because April to June can be too hot for evening rides. These months are when high winds have subsided since air ballooning is most enjoyable when the weather is agreeably quiet and dry.

You can choose to participate in ride sessions in the morning or the evening. Everyone will essentially have a front-row view of the sun cresting over the Aravalli Mountain range because the morning session often starts at the crack of dawn.

And in the evenings, take in the calming atmosphere as the city comes to life while you watch the spectacular red sunset cast a gorgeous pink shadow over the cloud-dotted sky. A round tour in a hot air balloon in Jaipur offers an escape from the rush and bustle of regular tourist life and the opportunity to witness breathtaking sights.

Places you can see during a balloon ride:

Amazingly, your ride on a hot air balloon in Jaipur will not follow any charted course or itinerary. Fortunately, it will take you to places that can be best seen from the sky. Each flight is a new adventure, while you know your take-off destinations, you never know where you are going to land as you drift wherever the wind takes you.

You can see Hawa Mahal, and Samode Palace, and get an aerial view of the majestic Amber Fort Palace, and nearby forts. Or see the countryside, as slowly drift over farmlands on the outskirts of Jaipur.

Tips for a successful Balloon ride in Jaipur –

  • Be willing to reschedule your flight because the wind and weather may disrupt it.
  • Dress comfortably for the season because the action is aerial.
  • Wear a pair of durable shoes instead of the Rajasthani jootis you recently purchased, even though we understand that temptation exists.
  • Before your flight, use the loo. The balloon does not stop before the ride is finished, nor are there any restroom breaks while in the air.
  • Put your hair in a bun. You might like to experience the breeze on your face.

So, you are now prepared to begin. Don’t forget to use a good amount of sunscreen.

Conclusion –

A hot air balloon safari in Jaipur is a breathtaking and unforgettable experience in Jaipur Family Tour Package. Soaring above the city’s stunning landscape, the panoramic views and the peaceful tranquility of the flight are sure to leave you mesmerized. It is truly a unique way to explore Jaipur and appreciate its beauty from a different perspective. The rush of the wind, the warmth of the sun, and the thrill of adventure will make this an experience that you will cherish forever. A hot air balloon safari in Jaipur is a must-try for anyone seeking a truly magical and unforgettable adventure.

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