Elephant Festival in Jaipur 2025 – Dates, Events & More

Jaipur, also known as the “Pink City,” is one of the travelers’ favorite destinations. People travel to Jaipur to explore India’s rich culture and visit some of the best historical monuments. Many places show the culture and heritage of this beautiful city which are worth visiting.

There is a different cultural event held in Jaipur, and one such festival is “Holi.” This festival is enjoyed with great joy by people of all ages. One more thing that makes Jaipur different from others is Elephant Festival during Holi. Yes, you heard it right; a unique elephant festival is held every year during Holi in Jaipur.

Every year people do visit Jaipur during this time to enjoy this unique festival. Elephants have great importance in our culture, and it shows royalty. Since the festival was started every year, many tourists from worldwide do visit it and enjoy the event. People play Holi with their friends and family to enjoy this beautiful festival of colours.

What is the Elephant festival in Jaipur?

Jaipur is known for its culture, and so every year, different events are conducted in the city. Elephants have significant importance in our Indian mythology, and so every year Elephant festival is conducted in Jaipur during the Holi. Rajasthan culture is not just limited to camel or dance, but elephants are equally important.

This unique festival celebrates the importance of elephants in Indian culture, and many people visit the city during this time. Different games are being played during the festival, which will attract all the visitors. One who loves elephants and also willing to get a new experience of Holi must surely visit this event to get the unique experience of Holi.

What is unique about the Elephant Festival?

  1. The animals taking part in the festival wear silver and gold such as anklets, bracelets, earrings, and much more to give them a unique look.
  2. Elephants play the most important role in this unique festival, and it signifies good over evil things. Lord Ganesh has the head of an elephant, and so elephants are also given significant importance in our Indian culture.
  3. Peel will enjoy elephants taking part in games along with some traditional music of Rajasthan. People play traditional instruments like Nagaras and Bankiyas, which makes the festival more enjoyable.
  4. All the female elephants are decorated to give them stylish and unique looks. Further, these elephants dance, compete, and do many other activities switch will entertain visitors and help get some beautiful memories.
  5. Visitors can enjoy the elephant ride during the festival. Visitors can enjoy the ride on such a beautifully decorated elephant and feel like a king.
  6. Many artists conduct other shows with camels and donkeys. One can enjoy the traditional Rajasthan dance by these people and thus enjoy the beautiful culture of India.

When is the festival conducted in Jaipur?

This unique festival is usually conducted on the previous day of the Holi. It means it is held on the full moon day based on the traditional Indian calendar, and so the date always fluctuates. Mostly Holi comes in March, and so the Elephant festival is conducted chiefly in March.

In 2025, Holi is on March 14, and so the elephant festival is scheduled to conduct on the same day in Jaipur. This festival is performed on the Jaipur Polo grounds, and the event starts at 4 p.m. People who have already booked the car or taxi must reach the place on time, so they don’t miss anything.

Which Events Take Place at the Elephant Festival?

  • Polo matche: One would be shocked to see elephants playing polo matches. The elephant is dressed in saffron and red drums and holds polo sticks to make the goal. Visitors at the event encourages elephants to make the goal.
  • Tug of War: There are different activities held in the event. One such is a tug of war which is the help between elephants and men. Visitors are free to join the tug of war to fight against men.
  • GajShringar: This would show the ornaments, clothes, and fabrics used to decorate the elephants. All Mahouts work very hard and bring creative ideas to make their elephants look unique and stylish.
  • Live performances: Many live performances are held by the traditional dances, consisting of Daph and Gair. Visitors would relay enjoy such activities.
  • Elephant display: Prizes are also distributed to elephants based on their performance. In this act, elephants are holding a rally, and the one who wins will get the prize. This view of the elephant in front of visitors is breath-taking.

People planning to visit the Elephant festival to enjoy all these events must reach the venue before two hours. It is tough to book a cab or taxi on that day, so it is advisable to book the cab before the event. Check out the cab rental company and book the cab accordingly. These companies would also help you with the timing of different events held at the festival.

How to book transportation for exploring Jaipur?

The first thing that comes to mind while planning for sightseeing is transportation. It is not possible to find it quickly, but now you can book your taxi or cab on arriving in Jaipur. These rental cabs are available at affordable cost and would also take you to every place worth visiting. The companies are offering services that can make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

The cab rental companies in Jaipur have polite drivers who work hard to make the trip memorable for their customers. Tourists are just required to contact them as rest they will manage everything. The cab rental service would include the following things:

  1. Pick and drop from Railway station.
  2. Sightseeing tour for one day or even two days.
  3. The outstation trip covers nearby places of Jaipur.

One can find the car’s various options, which can be selected based on the members and budget. The best thing about cabs is their affordable cost, allowing you to explore more about the city. The budget-friendly transportation enables you to visit every place and enjoy the trip. One who is still confused regarding sightseeing can go for an inquiry on sites and get further details.People visiting Jaipur for the elephant festival can hire cabs that will help take them to the venue and bring them back to the hotel. So, booking a cab or tax before visiting Jaipur will help plan accordingly and make it easy to explore the city’s beauty.

Which are the sightseeing places in Festival?

Many places must be already in your tour plan while you are in Jaipur. Some of the places that cannot be missed in any conditions are:

  • City Palace: One of the most visited places in Jaipur is the City Palace. The palace is designed beautifully, and it is the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. There are many more things to explore near the palace.
  • Surya Mandir: This beautiful temple is at 200m height, and the look of the place is mesmerizing. One who has already book their cab or taxi can get experience drivers who would make their traveling to Mandir safe and secure.
  • The Jal Mahal: Tourist who always looks out for some scenic view or is photophilic would surely get some mesmerizing view. This mahal is situated in the middle of Man Sagar Lake.
  • Albert Hall: People who love to watch historical items will surely love this place. It has a wide collection of such items, and even it showcases the tribal lifestyle. Today, many people know about this, so visiting this place would help us know more about our Indian culture.
  • The Jal Mahal: It is one of the tourist attraction places and every year lakhs of people come to visit this mahal. The specialty of this Mahal is 100 windows and different rooms for all the queens. It is built with pink sandstone, which is quite rare today. People can also see Jantar Mantar from this Mahal.
  • Amber Fort: This fort is 11 km away from Jaipur, but you must visit its beautiful architecture. It is built with red marbles and stones and gives a glimpse of Rajputana style. It is also known as Amer Fort, and the beautiful Mawta lake adds stars to the beauty.One can go for sightseeing more inquiry on sites and know more such places and plan the trip accordingly. This car rental company has experienced and friendly drivers who make sure no place is mussed and try to make customers have a safe and enjoyable trip.


If you are visiting Jaipur to enjoy this unique Elephant festival or are willing to explore more about this heritage destination, book car or taxi for easy transportation. One can contact a cab rental company through their email address or telephone number. People who have booked cabs are not required to worry about transportation or sightseeing as these rental companies manage everything. So, explore the city and visit all the famous places to collect god memories.

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