Top 130 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan, Tourist Places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the largest state in India, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, royal history, and vibrant festivals, offering a captivating blend of deserts, palaces, and traditions. It’s a land of majestic forts and colorful traditions that attract travelers from around the world.

The beautiful state of Rajasthan is greatly known for its grandeur and opulence. With stunning forts, astonishing palaces, beautiful temples, and many other places of attraction, the state offers the best travel experience. Rajasthan has a fascinating history, traditions, and vibrant cultures. Due to its large and diverse landscape, we have listed some of the 130 best places to visit in Rajasthan. All these should be on your bucket list on your next holiday trip plan in 2023-2024.

Rajasthan Tourist Places List

  • 1. Jaipur
  • 2. Jaisalmer
  • 3. Jodhpur
  • 4. Udaipur
  • 5. Bikaner
  • 6. Pushkar
  • 7. Mount Abu
  • 8. Ranthambore
  • 9. Alwar
  • 10. Chittorgarh
  • 11. Kumbhalgarh
  • 12. Ranakpur
  • 13. Udaipur
  • 14. Nathdwara
  • 15. Bharatpur

Once you are in the state of Rajasthan, the chaotic roads and vintage buildings will take you to the era of the great Maharajas and Maharanis. So, this time in 2023-2024 head to these Best places to visit in Rajasthan and indulge in the royal splendor.

130 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Rajasthan

With ample beautiful tourist attractions and cities, Rajasthan has a lot of travel options to explore. Here’s our curated list of 130 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan to feel its cultural and heritage beauty.

1. Jaipur “The Fantastic Pink City” –

Jaipur Tour Package

The Flamboyant Pink City of Rajasthan, Jaipur is the capital city of this royal state. The great Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh established the city in the 18th century. Jaipur City Tour allows you to explore historic jewels, heritage structures, cultural richness, and many other structures. The ever-charming Pink City is surely not to miss if you are a history lover. Its colorful streets are very vibrant and buzzing chaotic lifestyles.

Famous For – Historical monuments, Festival celebrations

2. Jaisalmer “All that glows are here” –

Jaisalmer Tour

The glowing city of Jaisalmer has another name of “The Golden City”. Settled in the heart of the Thar Desert which is full of luxuriant forts, beautiful palaces, and religious temples. Jaisalmer city is famous for its rich culture and age-old traditions. With its glowing yellowish sandstone structures and golden dunes of Rajasthan. Moreover, there are many beautiful tourist attractions like Jaisalmer Fort, Havelis, Jain Temples, and more.

Famous For – Desert Safari Jaisalmer, Desert Festival

3. Jodhpur “For a royal experience” –

Jodhpur Tour

The Royal Blue City of Jodhpur in Rajasthan was the former capital of Mewar state. The city is enclosed with stunning forts, temples, and palaces. Jodhpur is a place that lures several tourists from over the world. Well-known as the “Blue City of Rajasthan”, Jodhpur’s old city evokes bluish hues that allures everyone. The most important tourist attraction of this place is Mehrangarh Fort offering a world-class heritage richness of Jodhpur.

Famous for – Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpuri Mojaris

4. Udaipur “Go around the Lake City” –

Udaipur Tour

In the desert state of Rajasthan, Udaipur is a special destination famously known as the Lake City. The enchanting beauty of the city catches the heart and soul of every kind of travel enthusiast. The magnificent city was the former capital of Mewar Kingdom and still evokes the enrich cultures of those days. When you are planning your Udaipur Tour by Car, you can have a chance to explore the famous historic attractions like City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Lake Palace, and more.

Famous for – Pristine artificial lakes, Heritage Palaces, and religious shrines.

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5. Bundi “To discover the Historic Baoris” –

Bundi Tour

About 120 kms away from Jaipur is the less explored Bundi City of Rajasthan. Being the origin and native place of the tribe Bundi Meena, the city beholds its glorifying past of a bygone era. With its beautifully designed forts and buildings, the city offers impressive sights of artistic beauty. Bundi is most importantly famous for ancient Baoris or step wells. The ancient step wells were created to store rainwater and fulfill the needs of locals and nearby villagers.

Famous for – Historic Baoris, palaces, and forts

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6. Bikaner “The amazing religious Temples & Forts” –

Bikaner Tour

Another most important and beautiful city to list on your next holiday trips in Rajasthan is Bikaner. The city is especially known for its annual Camel Festival that attracts tourists from over the world to experience this gala. This festival takes place in January and February. The historic jewels of Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Karni Mata Temple, Gajner Palace, and Laxmi Niwas Palace, etc.

Famous For – Camel Festival and National Research Centre on Camel

7. Pushkar “Delve in Rituals & Religions” –


Get immersed in the holy cultures of Pushkar and experience the spirituality in the vibes. This eminent holy city of Pushkar hosts the colorful Pushkar Camel Fair. Whenever this cultural carnival takes place, tourists from across the world flock here in abundance to become a part of it. Besides, the presence of only Brahma Temple in Pushkar makes it the most famous holy place of Hindu Devotees and pilgrims.

Famous for – Pushkar Mela and Brahma Temple

8. Ajmer “Embark historic Dargah Sharif” –

Ajmer Tour

Another most important holy city of Rajasthan is Ajmer. It is the must-visit place for Muslim pilgrims to offer prayers and seek the blessings of a Sufi Saint. Ajmer Dargah Sharif is the most popular place of worship in Rajasthan which attracts a lot of devotees every year. URS festival is another major attraction of Ajmer which commemorates the death anniversary of Sufi Saint Moinuddin Chishti.

Famous For – Ajmer Dargah Sharif and URS festival

9. Mount Abu “The Flamboyant Hill Station” –


The only hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is stunningly enclosed in the Aravalli ranges. It is the fondest tourist attraction in the state which offers the best escapade from the city buzz. Planning a Mount Abu Trip with family or beloved ones in summers can bring you relief from the hot sunny days and rejuvenate yourselves.

Famous For – Dilwara Jain Temples

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10. Sawai Madhopur “A retreat for Wildlife Lovers” –


Sawai Madhopur is a small district of Rajasthan which is widely famous for Ranthambore National Park. This wildlife reserve houses many exotic flora and fauna species in its reservoir. Formerly Ranthambore was a famous hunting ground of Maharajas in Jaipur and nearby places. It is enclosed with the ruins of ancient Ranthambore Fort, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Rajasthan. Whenever it comes to plan a Rajasthan Wildlife Tour, Ranthambore is the best place to include in it.

Famous for – Tiger Safari in Ranthambore National Park

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11. Bharatpur “Beauty that brings you in awe”


A magnificent city of Bharatpur was once known to be an unwinnable and invincible tourist place in Rajasthan. Tucked away in the Braj region of the Indian state Rajasthan, the city stands at an elevation of about 600 ft. above the sea level. Bharatpur is the indisputable home to a vast variety of flora and fauna species that take shelter in the famous Keoladeo National Park. It is the most highlighted tourist attraction to see in Rajasthan Wildlife Tour.

Famous For – Keoladeo National Park

12. Alwar “Unveil the Majestic Past”


Formerly founded by the Rajput Ruler Pratap Singh in 1770, Alwar is a beautiful city nestled in the lap of the green hills of the Aravalli range. It is a home to beautiful palaces and forts of the foregone past. With deep valleys and thick forest cover the hills makes it a haven for many species of birds such as grey partridge and white-throated kingfisher, and many other animals. Another special attraction of the city is Bhangarh Fort which is considered as the most haunted place in Rajasthan.

Famous for – Royal forts and palaces

13. Pali “A Wonderful Sacred & Offbeat Place”


What else can be more fascinating than Pali’s snail-like shape, wobbled plains, and scattered hills as well as numerous temples? Endowed with Jodhpur districts in the north and the Udaipur districts in the south-east, it shares a common boundary with around 8 different districts of Rajasthan. The city spans across 12387 sq kilometers which is also one of the most famous offbeat places to visit in Rajasthan. It is specially known for Ranakpur Jain Temples and Leopard Safari in Jawai Dam that attracts everyone.

Famous for – Temples

14. Chittorgarh “Landmark of Largest Fort”


One of the most ancient cities of Indian history, Chittorgarh was founded by the Maurya Dynasty in 734 AD. Chittorgarh has been the birthplace for many historical figures including Maharana Pratap and Meera Bai. The city is named after its most imposing structure of Chittorgarh Fort standing atop a 180 meters high hill and spread tot across 700 acres of land. There have been several heritage forts, monuments and many associated stories and fables.

Famous for – Chittorgarh Fort, Palaces, and Temple

15. Hanumangarh “Witness the History & Artefacts”


Hanumangarh is a city famous for its ancient temples and its historical significance that it was once a part of the Indus Valley Civilization. It is believed to have been a part of this almost 5000 years old civilization. Many of the discovered items here include the remnants of human skeleton, stamps, coins, terracotta decorative tiles, toys, and more. Formerly the kingdom of Bhati Kings, Hanumangarh was originally known as Bhatner. Some of the major attractions in Hanumangarh are Gogamedi Temple, Shri Sukha Singh Mehtab Singh Gurudwara, and more others.

Famous for – Bhatner Fort

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16. Jhunjhunu “A Lesser-Known Place”


Rani Sati Temple TourAn ancient town of Rajasthan, Jhunjhunu is well-known for its fresco art and carefully engraved architecture in historic monuments. The fascinating vacant havelis and authentic Rajasthani experience in an offbeat destination allure everyone. When traveling by Jaipur to Jhunjhunu Cab, you can visit Shree Rani Sati Dadi Mandir, Khetri Mahal, Bandhe ka Balaji Temple, and Hanuman Mandir are some of the major tourist sites to see here. The Khetri Palace or Wind Palace is made of marble and another piece of beautiful palace architecture that attracts tourists.

Famous for – Religious Temples

17. Jhalawar “Discover Royal Palaces”


A beautiful city in Rajasthan’s Southeast Jhalawar still retains traces of its glorious past as a capital of the former princely state in India. Jhalawar is located on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where you can enjoy sightseeing while getting around the city. It was once called Brijnagar and is known for its rich natural wealth of vibrant flora and fauna species. The uniqueness of this place lies in its water-laden verdant landscape. This place has a varied cultural heritage which may include forts and palaces of those days.

Famous for – Jhalawar Fort and Gagron Fort

18. Churu “A beautiful Gateway To Thar Desert”


Set amidst the edge of Thar Desert, Churu is situated amidst the golden sand dunes of Rajasthan. This beautiful town is resplendent with grand Havelis, fresco paintings, and unique style of architecture. Churu lies in the Shekhawati Tour of Rajasthan in the northern side. It is a popular tourist attraction that draws tourists due to its impressive architecture. The small city is a perfect getaway amidst the golden sand dunes from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Famous for – Impressive architectural design

19. Sikar “A beautiful Historical City”


A famous heritage city in Shekhawati region – Sikar lies between Agra and Bikaner. It is widely known for its intricate architecture of grand Havelis and forts adorned by frescoes. Sikar is located in the shades of massive walls with seven main entrance gates to enter the town. This is an excellent getaway for lazing around, clicking photographs, absorbing in its rich cultures and interacting with the locals while gawking at marvelous monuments. The historical city is a home to several ancient palaces and ancient structures of yesteryears.

Famous for – Rich art and culture

20. Kota “An Educational District”


One of the good places to visit in Rajasthan, Kota has been perched right next to the Chambal River. It is a small but beautiful city which is known to be an educational district of India. Besides, Kota is a home to many beautiful man-made structures, which is also known for its alluring natural beauty. Treat your senses by visiting some of the best places like Kishor Lake, Kota Barrages, and Chambal Garden. It is considered to be the second liveliest city of Rajasthan after Jaipur. If you are planning a Jaipur to Kota Taxi tour by road, then you must plan a holiday during the months of October to March when the climate is cool and pleasant.

Famous for – Ancient Architectural places and Educational center

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21. Kumbhalgarh


Popular for an enormous snake-like fortress, Kumbhalgarh town is another feather in the crown of Rajasthan Tourism. The town is widely renowned for its majestic monuments, palaces, temples, and flamboyant chhatris. The fort and wildlife sanctuaries adorn this place and makes it a must-visit tourist place in Rajasthan. The town is more often a lovely getaway for tourists from Udaipur to enjoy leisure in its natural surroundings.

Famous For – Kumbhalgarh fort, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Badal Mahal, Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple

22. Ranakpur


Ranakpur is a small quaint town snuggled amid the secluded valley of Aravalli Ranges in Rajasthan. It is an important Jain pilgrimage site which presents a unique spectacle of verdant greenery and gushing streams. Immerse in the vibrant cultures with a myriad of enrapturing natural beauty. Often Ranakpur is a part of Udaipur 4 days Tour Package wherein this place is explored on a same day tour. Absorb in the vibrant culture with religious experiences to relish in Ranakpur.

Famous For – Ranakpur Jain Temples, Sadri, Surya Narayan Temple

23. Nathdwara


Nestled amid the Aravalli Hills, Nathdwara is literally a famous “Gateway to the Lord”. It is located in the heart of Rajasthan on the banks of Banas River offering picturesque views of location. It is also a sacred Hindu Site flocked by pilgrims and tourists on Udaipur Outstation Taxi throughout the year. Nathdwara is also famous for “Pichwai Paintings which are traditional Rajasthani style of architecture with paintings and terracotta work.

Famous For – Shrinathji Temple, Chabhuja, and Eklingji Temple

24. Osian


Osian is also dubbed as the “Khajuraho of Rajasthan” which has earned its name due to its beautiful temples. It is an ancient temple city located near Jodhpur. This place has utmost significance to the Jains and the Hindus as some of their most important shrines lie in this beautiful city. This town hosts many architectural marvels that stand out in their beauty and grandeur, especially the Sun Temple, the Sachiya Mata Temple, and Jain Temple.

Famous For – Sachiya Mata Temple, Surya Temple, Kali Temple, and Harihara Temple

25. Narlai


Making for a perfect place to explore the countryside, the Narlai village is extremely intriguing and offers a lot to explore. Located in the Aravalli Hills, Narlai is one of the most beautiful rural destinations and is an idyllic place to be with near and dear ones. There is an opulent heritage hotel Rawa Narlai that embraces the mesmerizing charm and luxurious lifestyle. Get indulge in many adventurous activities including horse safari to have a fun-filled experience.

Famous For – Rawa Narlai and Horse Safari

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26. Deogarh


With so many places to see and experience, Deogarh makes itself a perfect destination for a vacation. Discover the place and witness the refreshing Pradhanpat waterfalls where you can click some beautiful pictures and enjoy leisure. One of the most beautiful offbeat places in Rajasthan Tour, Deogarh is famous for Deogarh Mahal that you can embark on and know the history of the same. Experience a palatial stay in Deogarh and spend a great time with family or friends.

Famous For – Pradhanpat Waterfalls, Cave Temple, Anjana Fort, and Deogarh Mahal

27. Alsisar


Engulfed by the desert stretch, Alsisar is one of the famous offbeat places to visit in Rajasthan that you can explore on a vacation to the state. Known for the popular Alsisar Mahal that takes you on a royal journey of enchanting Rajasthan and interesting festivals. The palace possesses a significant history and splendor making it a famous place to visit in Rajasthan Tour Package.Immerse in the serenity of the place along with the rustic calmness of this mighty town.

Famous For – Alsisar Mahal, Rani Sati Temple, Sone Chandi ki Haveli

28. Jawai


Owing to its name to the Jawai River, this village draws tourists and wildlife lovers from across the country. Jawai is now an emerging tourist destination that has been getting fame in the tourism industry. This place is amazingly surrounded by granite rocks and hills which makes it a more beautiful destination. Also, there is a sanctuary where you can witness leopards, birds, and crocodiles. During the winter season, Jawai becomes a real paradise for migratory birds.

Famous For – Jawai Dam, Jawai Bandh, Indian Leopard Safari in Jawai, and Dev Giri Temple

29. Kuchaman


Famously known for the grandeur of Havelis, Kuchaman is one of the most popular offbeat places to visit in Rajasthan The city is home to royal fortresses and numerous Havelis that have been built in the Shekhawati style. Kuchaman Fort is a must-visit city famous for its balconies, terraces, and riveting viewing points. It is the most visited tourist destination that making it a perfect place to enjoy a vacation with your family.

Famous For – Kuchaman Fort, Havelis, and Sambhar Salt lake.

30. Mandawa


A quaint little town in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, Mandawa is popularly known as the Open Art Gallery. The town is replete with paved archways and magnificent Havelis and fortresses. It is located in the heart of Shekhawati Tour and is dotted with palaces and splendid mansions. The aura and vibe of the place reflect the social and cultural charm of the bygone era. An easy weekend trip from Delhi Outstation Taxi can be planned to a wonderful getaway to Mandawa.

Famous For – Mandawa Fort, Open Air Art Gallery, Havelis, and Castle Mandawa

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31. Jaisalmer Fort


One of the largest forts in the world, Jaisalmer Fort also known as the Golden Fort because of its enormous golden sandstone walls. The fort is the only lively fort and is home to 2/3rd of the old city population. Tourists from all over the world visit the fort to witness the scenic sunset views as the rays of the sun add a unique charm of honey-golden hue that looks even more appealing and mesmerizing in Jaisalmer Sightseeing Tour.

Famous For – Architectural brilliance of sandcastle

32. City Palace Jaipur


Famed for being the seat of former Maharaja of Jaipur, City Palace in Jaipur includes the Mubarak Mahal and the Chandra Mahal. Both these are the most popular and excellent architectural designs of this fort. The ruler of Amber, Jay Singh II built the palace complex between 1729 and 1732. It is settled in the heart of the Pink City; the palace has a museum in it which you should definitely visit on Jaipur City Tour.

Famous For – Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal

33. Mehrangarh Fort


One of the largest forts in India, Mehrangarh Fort was built during the reign of Rao Jodha in 1459. You can spot imprints of cannonballs which exist since the war took place. The most interesting part of the fort is the 7 gates that were built by Maharaja Man Singh to recall his victories. Don’t forget to visit the seven huge gates of Mehrangarh fort while you are on your vacation of the Jodhpur Tour Packages.

Famous For – Opulent Gates and structures

34. Ranthambore Fort


A well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ranthambore Fort is visited by almost all travelers who are looking forward to encountering the history of Rajasthan. The huge fortress is located in the heart of the popular Ranthambore National Park. The fort has a long and noteworthy past of battles that took place to conquer the fort.

Famous For – Bird watching and Trinetra Ganesh Temple

35. Taragarh Fort


One of the best places to visit in Rajasthan, Taragarh Fort is constructed in 1534 AD. The fort is one of the best places of attraction located in Ajmer. By being impressive in its structure and majestic in its aura, it will give a glimpse of the grandeur of the Rajasthani history and culture. You can also plan a visit to the fort while in Bundi.

Famous For – Structural design

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36. Junagarh Fort


One of the few most popular forts that are not built on the hilltop, Junagarh fort is located at the center of Bikaner City. The historical fortress was built at the beginning of the 20th century and was the new home for the royal family. Visiting the fort on a Bikaner sightseeing tour will let you know the lifestyle of the royal rajasthan family.

Famous For – Opulent Palaces

37. Chittorgarh Fort


One of the largest forts in Rajasthan, Chittorgarh Fort is a place you simply can’t miss out on! It was the seat for the rulers of Mewar. The story of its significance in the history of Rajasthan goes back to the time when the brave rulers fought courageously with the invaders. After their defeat, the women would perform Jauhar along with the children to keep their respect forever.

Famous For – The Rana Kumbha Palace

38. Amber fort


Amer or Amber fort is popular and famous among tourists due to its grand architectural design. If you haven’t visited this place then do not delay more to plan Jaipur Tour Package to discover this and more architectural jewels like this. The majestic fortress looks more impressive during sunrise or sunset time as it overlooks Maota Lake and offers breathtaking views. Every day an evening light and sound show is organized at the fort to present the glorious past of a bygone era.

Famous For – Sheesh Mahal

39. Jaigarh Fort


The majestic Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur, Rajasthan is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Strategically located on the top of the “Cheel ka Teela” hill and can be reached from Jaipur city centre. The fort’s overpowering outlook is amplified by its lush green surroundings that make the whole blend of brown and green utterly charming. The fort is also known as the Victory Fort as no invader army could ever take over it.

Famous For – Jaivana Cannon

40. Kumbhalgarh Fort


Located in the Rajsamand District of Rajasthan, the Kumbhalgarh fort happens to be the birthplace of the famous great warriors of India like Maharana Pratap. The enormous fortress was built during the 15th century, and it is serving as the most important fort and Rajasthan tourist destination in Mewar. There are many enormous gates or pols to enter the fort but the main entry point is the Aret Gate. The fort gets illuminated by thousands of lights at night making it look really amazing.

Famous For – Great Wall of India

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41. Bhangarh Fort


One of the most haunted tourist places in India, Bhangarh Fort is widely known for its mysterious stories. Being the spookiest place of Rajasthan, it is not allowed to stay at the fort after dusk. Many paranormal activities in the past have made this fort come to the list of famous haunted places in Rajasthan. The place is located near Sariska Tiger Reserve, so you can explore both of them in a day. The haunted fort has many myths and stories associated with it.

Famous for – Haunted Stories

42. Amer Fort


Amer Fort or Amber Fort is always a famous tourist attraction of Rajasthan due to its grand architecture and historical significance. When traveling in Rajasthan, you cannot afford to miss a visit to this place which is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan. Also, the evening light and sound show at Amber Fort takes place every day which is a star attraction of the city. The fortress lights up with colorful lights, increasing the beauty of the mirrors which makes it the must-visit attraction of Jaipur Night Tour.

Famous for – Evening Light and Sound Show

43. Deeg


Deeg is a small town in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan. According to Hindu Mythology, Deeg falls on the Parikrama path of Lord Krishna. It is believed that the Path started 14 kilometers from Deeg, at Goverdhan. The main attraction of this place is Deeg Palace built in 1772. It was a former summer resort for the royals of Bharatpur. Deeg is one of the unique places to visit in Rajasthan Tourism.

Famous For – Historical Deeg Palace

44. Pilani


Located in the Shekhawati region, Pilani is a small town of Rajasthan that is popular for BITS Pilani – a famous higher education institute. The place has some of the oldest schools built post-Indian Independence. There are many amazing places to visit that have historical significance too. Pilani is one of the least explored tourist destinations which is a home of many beautiful attractions. These include Birla Science Centre, Panchvati Park and Garden, Saraswati Temple, and Birla Haveli Museum.

Famous for – Education Institute of BITS Pilani

45. Neemrana


One of the best tourist places to visit in Rajasthan, Neemrana is located in the district of Alwar. Neemrana is an old historical town in a desert state. It lies between the Shahjahanpur district and Behror city. The town is widely famous for Neemrana Fort Palace which was the residence of the Rajput King, Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan III. The palace is now one of the oldest heritage hotels of India where you can plan a luxury stay on the Luxury Rajasthan Tour.

Famous For – Ziplining

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46. Kalibangan

Kalibangan in Rajasthan acts like evidence of the earliest plowed agricultural field ever revealed through an excavation, said by B.B. Lal, the erstwhile DG of Archaeological Survey of India. This is a unique site believed to be the site of the Indus Valley Civilization with its unique fire altars among other important lost cities of the world. This place has a great attraction for history geeks and art fanatics.

Famous For – Historical Significance

47. Bishnoi


A small quaint hamlet of Bishnoi is near Jodhpur which is among the most beautiful tourist places in Rajasthan. Those who are looking to experience the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan in its most primitive form can plan their Bishnoi Village Tour from Jodhpur .When visiting this village, you will see earthen huts, authentic Rajasthani curries, tuk-tuk rides, you’ll be able to experience the raw form of the Rajasthan’s ethnic beauty and customs of Bishnoi Village.

Famous For – Village Safari

48. Pushkar Lake


In the small town of Pushkar, Pushkar Lake is one of the most prominent pilgrimage spots which should definitely be on your list of attractions on the Rajasthan Temple Tour. It is believed that taking a dip in this lake wash away all your sins. The lake is surrounded by 52 ghats and around 500 temples with different religious significance. People from all across the country and all walks of life come here to take a dip in its sacred water.

Famous For – Religious significance & Photography

49. Lake Pichola


One of the most pristine lakes of Rajasthan, Lake Pichola in Udaipur enhances the beauty of the city. This is a main attraction of the lake city which is as old as 1362 AD. The lake was named after the village Picholi in which it is situated. It was earlier created for drinking and irrigation purposes for the villagers and it is certainly amongst the best tourist places in Rajasthan. Capturing the enchanting views of sunrise and sunset from the lake is something that should never be missed when visiting Udaipur.

Famous For – Panoramic surroundings

50. Nakki Lake


One of the most beautiful lakes in Rajasthan, Nakki Lake is owing to its beauty and clear blue water that turns into amazing shades under the changing hues of the sky. Believingly, it has been dug out of the Gods themselves which makes it a great tourist spot today. Visiting Nakki Lake in Mount Abu Sightseeing Tour will bring you a chance of enjoying boating in the evening. This experience will surely fascinate you with its tranquil surroundings and peaceful ambiance. Hanging out here with friends would be a great experience for you.

Famous For – Crystal clear blue water

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51. City Palace Udaipur


The most amazing tourist place to see in Rajasthan, City Palace in Udaipur was earlier the capital of the kingdom of Mewar. It is one of the most popular architectural jewels stands magnificently on the eastern banks of Lake Pichola in Udaipur Sightseeing Tour. This royal palace is flanked by the Aravalli mountain range which is worth admiring for its natural settings that offer breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Famous For – Impressive Architecture

52. Hawa Mahal


The most popular and iconic landmark of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal is among the most exceptionally beautiful tourist places to visit in Rajasthan. The grand palace stands right in the middle of a busy market area and is smeared with radiant hues of pink. This bewitching tourist attraction in Jaipur lures everyone with its unusual appearance. The palace was named Hawa Mahal because of 953 small windows allowing the cool breeze to come in.

Famous For – Stunning Jharokhas

53. Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve


Jhalana Safari Park is India’s 1st Leopard reserve located in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. It is beautifully surrounded by Aravalli hills, the oldest mountain series of India. Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve hosts more than 30 leopards and other fauna species. Enjoying safari in Jhalana Leopard Safari Package offers amazing opportunities to witness the rawness of nature.

Famous For – Leopard Safari

54. Pushkar Lake


The most famous holy lake in Rajasthan, Pushkar Lake is located in Pushkar that should definitely be on your bucket list. It is considered that a dip in the lake cleanses off all your sins and cures all skin diseases. One of the most famous places in Rajasthan, Pushkar is the best place to go for experiencing the divine vibes. Most tourists plan their short excursion from Jaipur To Pushkar by Car as a day trip.

Famous For – 52 Ghats

55. Nakki Lake


A beautiful lake in Mount Abu is among the best places to visit with a loving soulmate. Owing to its breathtaking views and clear blue waters, Nakki Lake turns into an amazing shade under the changing hues of the sky. The lake makes itself a great spot for boating in Mount Abu Sightseeing Tour. Romantic couples can spend their leisure time amid the serene beauty of this lake.

Famous For – Boating

56. Sariska National Park


Amongst the best places to visit on Rajasthan Wildlife Tour is Sariska National Park in Alwar. Home to a good population of tigers made this wildlife reserve a perfect place to go for wildlife photography tours. If you are someone visiting the state with kiddos then you ought to embark on a thrilling jungle safari at Sariska. This can make them learn new things in an adventurous style.

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57. Keoladeo National Park


One of the best Rajasthan tourist places, Keoladeo National Park is the official name of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It is famous for its wide range of migratory avifauna. The park has a wide range of bird populations to be seen in the winter season or the start of spring. The national park was declared as a protected sanctuary in the year 1971 after major water resources.

Famous For – Bird Watching

58. Kuldhara Village


One of the most famous and historic haunted places in Rajasthan, Kuldhara Village is located a few miles away from Jaisalmer. It is among the most mysterious destinations of the state that will bewitch you. The village is believed to be an abandoned sight left by its inhabitants centuries ago for its paranormal presence or a curse. The village has had no sign of human life since it was deserted and visiting this place after dark is strictly forbidden now.

Famous For – Paranormal Activities

59. Sam Sand Dunes


The widespread sandy landscape near Jaisalmer is the most famous tourist destination to visit in Rajasthan. Those who wish to experience the real delight of this state and explore it at its best – then the vast expanse of Thar Desert is a place to go. It is one such place in the state where you can stay in tents and enjoy Desert Camping which is also one of the best things to do in Rajasthan. When planning camping in Sam Sand Dunes of Rajasthan, you can prepare yourself to enjoy bonfire nights, delicious Rajasthani cuisines, desert safari, and more.

Famous For – Desert Safari

60. Ranakpur Jain Temples


Whether you are looking for a spiritual trip to Rajasthan or a short escape from Udaipur Outstation Cabs, Ranakpur is a perfect place to go. Any spiritual journey to Rajasthan isn’t complete without visiting Ranakpur Jain Temples and more others. But the best part about this Jain Temple is the impressive construction of this temple dated back to the 15th century. Since then the temple has seen an extreme footfall of pilgrims worshipping the Jain Tirthankar Rishabhanatha here. It is one of the best Rajasthan tourist places that draws everyone’s interest.

Famous For – Impressive Architectural Design

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61. Ajmer Sharif Dargah


Also known as Ajmer Dargah, this spiritual site is the tomb of Moinuddin Chishti which also serves as the holiest place of worship in India. Being the final resting place of the Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, the dargah has an enormous contribution in spreading the ethical and spiritual values of Islam amongst the masses. The holy shrine is dedicated to a Sufi saint who had devoted his entire life to the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden.

Famous For – Urs Festival

62. Garbhaji Waterfall


Another amazing place to visit in Rajasthan is Garbhaji Waterfall which is located in Alwar. You will find this waterfall on your way to the famous Siliserh Lake which is one of the most beautiful spots in Alwar. Wrapped with foliage and a lofty hill, this is a perfect place to unwind for nature buffs. The best time to explore Garbhaji Waterfall is during or after the monsoon season when the force of the water falls from an appropriate height.

Famous For – Soothing Ambiance

63. Sambhar Lake


It is a huge saline water body that is now included in the list of the best tourist places to visit in Rajasthan. Sambhar Lake is now a famous camping site which is why several adventure seekers and campers head here to spend a great time away from the chaotic lifestyle of the city. The best part of this place is enjoying the sunset when you get to see the changing hues of the sky.

Famous For – Night Camping

64. Khimsar


Popularly known for the Nagaur Festival, Khimsar is a small village in the state of Rajasthan. Khimsar is ideal for a relaxing weekend getaway in the winter. During the Nagaur Festival, people from far and near come and trade cattle in bulk. There you can engage in many amazing activities like tug-of-war, camel racing, etc. are also organized. Travelers mainly flock to this town to take part in this festival.

Famous For – Nagaur Festival

65. Barmer


Amongst the best places to visit on Rajasthan Tour, Barmer is the fifth largest district in India. You will get to see the royal heritage site which incorporates part of the Thar Desert, mainly famous for its magnificence. In Barmer, there are many historical attractions to see like Barmer Fort, Kiradu Temple, Shri Nakoda Jain Temple, and more others.

Famous For – Desert Area

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66. Samode Palace


Samode Palace or Samode Haveli is a heritage attraction built 175 years ago as a royal residence of the rulers. It is still occupied by them who have converted the palace into a luxury hotel. Samode Palace has been host to royalty, celebrities, artists, and travelers who wish to experience the royal lifestyle. The palace highlights a blend of Mughal and Rajput styles of architecture.

Famous For – Royal Lifestyle

67. Rambagh Palace


Now converted as a lavishing hotel, Rambagh Palace served as a residence of many Maharajas. Initially, it was made as a garden house which was later converted into a hunting lodge and then into the residence of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II. The royal palace serves as an extravagant hotel that was revamped by the Taj Group of Hotels and is now the best place to visit in Jaipur.

Famous For – Luxury Stay

68. Sisodia Rani ka Bagh


Another amazing place that you must explore on Jaipur City Tour is Sisodia Rani Garden which was built in the year 1728. It was built to embody the love of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and Rani Sisodia Jai Singh. However, it was constructed on the theme of love between Krishna and Radha. The place serves as a prominent tourist attraction in the city.

Famous For – Stunning Environment

69. Pandu Pol


Many of you might not have heard of Pandu Pol before as it is an offbeat place to visit in Rajasthan. It is located in the Tiger Reserve which has seized the attention of several tourists. As it is located in the forest, the only way to reach is by going through the wilderness and exploring the place at your own pace. This is a perfect place to get in touch with nature and heal yourself.

Famous For – Natural ambiance

70. Umaid Bhawan Palace


The Umaid Bhawan Palace is among the world’s largest private residences and is one of the most sought-after Rajasthani places. A part of this palace is closed for a public visit as it is still used as the residence by the royal family. The part of this is open to tourists has been recently converted into a lavish and gorgeous heritage hotel by the Taj Group of Hotels. The third part of this beautiful mansion is a museum that is dedicated to showcasing the 20th century past.

Famous For – Luxury Stay in Udaipur

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71. Tonk


A small and quaint little town of Rajasthan – Tonk is locally known as “Lucknow of Rajasthan”. The town is filled with old mansions and mosques, Sunheri Kothi, or Mansion of Gold is the show stopper here. It is located just 90 kms away from Jaipur that serves as the best place to go on a trip by Jaipur Outstation Taxi. There are old baoris, dam, garden, and mosque, which you can explore on a day trip to Tonk from Jaipur by car.

Famous for – Old Havelis and Mosques

72. Bagru


Bagru is a small village located near Jaipur that is a perfect place to go for a same-day tour Jaipur. Bagru is widely renowned all around the country for its classical block printing style. These are well-known as Bagru Prints that are quite unparalleled and unusual to see anywhere else. The practice of block printing in the village has been passed on from ancestors. Visiting Bagru can give you a choice to meet the local family and learn about the art.

Famous for – Block Printing

73. Kishangarh


The most famous town of Kishangarh is located close to Ajmer and falls on the way from Jaipur to Ajmer Taxi. Famously known as the Marble City of India, Kishangarh is especially known for its art and culture. Bani Thani style of Painting, Kishangarh Fort, and trending Dumping Yard is the main highlight of this place. Currently, Kishangarh has been boosting tourism for being the best place to go for photography in Rajasthan.

Famous for – Dumpingyard and Marble Slab

74. Trinetra Ganesh Temple, Ranthambore

Located inside the Ranthambore Fort, Trinetra Ganesh Temple is the most popular and oldest religious shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It comprises his whole family together at one place, therefore pilgrims from around the area visit here every day to offer prayers. The temple is built using red Karauli stone and has been one of the most famous pilgrimage attractions for ages.

Famous for – Worshipping Lord Ganesha

75. Sajjangarh Palace, Udaipur


The historic palaces in Rajasthan hold the unfading marks in history. And the same can be experienced in the Sajjangarh Palace of Udaipur. The Monsoon Palace is the most highlighted attraction of the Udaipur Sightseeing Tour. The fortress is stunningly built on the Aravalli hilltop built-in 1884 as a palatial residence of Maharaja Sajjan Singh of Udaipur.

Famous for – Watching Monsoon Clouds

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76. Fateh Prakash Palace


Udaipur is widely famous for its unique history and culture, one of its architectural wonders is Fateh Prakash Palace which speaks of the glorious and luxurious lifestyle of royalty. It is the best place to stay in Udaipur where you can experience the grandeur and opulence of a bygone era. Visiting the palace could help you create an immaculately designed luxurious stay in Udaipur.

Famous for – Luxury Stay

77. Haldighati


One of the fiercest battles in India is the “Battle of Haldighati”. This is a beautiful place appearing like a canvas painted in dark yellow color for which it has been known as “Haldighati”. This place is often explored as a Day Trip from Udaipur by Car to experience the bravery and valor of Maharana Pratap of Mewar kingdom in Rajasthan.

Famous for – Glorious Past

78. Jaisamand Lake


Well, happiness can never be seen but it’s an experience or feeling that you can find in Udaipur’s Jaisamand Lake. The serene lake is a real human-made attraction offering all the forms of natural beauty. From the hilly surroundings, the palaces, Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary, it is a great experience to enjoy in Udaipur.

Famous for – Boating

79. Vintage Car Museum, Udaipur


The luxury grandiose lived and managed by the royal families of Udaipur is worth noticing mainly on Udaipur 4 days Tour. The museum is adorned with explicit beauty and history, Udaipur is the storehouse of several vintage and classic cars. If you are having a keen interest in Automobiles, then this is a must-visit attraction in the city.

Famous for – Classic Vintage Car Collections

80. Clock Tower, Jodhpur


The Clock Tower is a famous landmark in the old city of Jodhpur. The vibrant Sardar Market is close to the tower where you can shop down in Jodhpur Tour Package from Jaisalmer. The tower and narrow alleys lead here to a bazaar where people flock to enjoy shopping in Jodhpur. It is a great place to ramble around leisurely on a sightseeing tour.

Famous for – Near By Markets

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81. Abhaneri stepwell


Chand Baori or Abhaner Stepwell is considered to be an amazing architectural wonder. The stepwell is around 30m or 100 ft. deep and is the deepest and largest step-well in India. Stepwells in Rajasthan are commonly known as Baoris that were primarily built to store water. Near the stepwell is a famous Harshat Mata Temple dedicated to the goddess of joy and happiness. This place is often explored on a day trip as Bhangarh Abhaneri Tour from Jaipur.

Famous For – Ancient Stepwell & Temple

82. Shekhawati


The empire of many heritage Havelis, harking back to the yesteryears, Shekhawati epitomizes the beauty of Shekhawati. This is a region comprising Jhunjhunu, Churu, and Sikar which serves as a major landmark of Rajasthan Tour Packages. Once the bastion of Rao Shekha, this realm derives its nomenclature from the former ruler.

Famous For – Fresco style of art

83. Nawalgarh


Owing to a distinctive history in comparison to Kumbhalgarh, Nawalgarh is said that Marwaris inhabitants this place for decades. This place has many enormous Havelis made in order to show off the heritage wealth they amassed. Nawalgarh is located close to Mandawa and one can make a small detour to Nawalgarh when exploring Rajasthan.

Famous For – Heritage Havelis

84. Achrol Fort


The mystic fortress is situated in the Achrol Village near Jaipur which is one of the archaic forts in Rajasthan. Enclosed by a few Havelis, the fort was earlier the home of the Achrol Thikana Family. While in the 1500s, the fort was used for military and strategic purposes by the rulers. Explorers can enjoy a day trek, picnic, and sightseeing tour of this place.

Famous For – Historical significance

85. Dumping Yard


Emerging as a favorite place for teenagers, Dumping Yard in Kishangarh is made of marble slurry. This is a perfect paradise made out of the wasteland where marble slurry was dumped regularly for years. This slurry looks like a snow-clad stretch offering a picturesque sight to travellers. No wonder it’s a great place to go for wedding photoshoots or any photography session.

Famous For – Photography

86. Brahma Temple


The rarest of all Brahma Temple in India is located in Pushkar that’s why makes this the best place to visit in Rajasthan for a divine experience. Also known as Jagatpia Brahma Mandir it is the most revered shrine in India. The temple is made out of marble and stone with amazing architecture featuring images and carvings of Lord Brahma attracting art lovers here.

Famous For – Being the only temple of Lord Brahma

87. Eklingji Temple


Among several beautiful places to visit in Udaipur, Eklingji Temple is the best place for travellers who are religiously inclined and looking for exudes of spirituality. This is the best place to worship Lord Shiva and is certainly the most visited temple near Udaipur. The temple blends the traditional temple architecture with that of the structures in Rajasthan.

Famous For – Aesthetic style of architectures

88. Rajsamand


Located in Rajasthan, Rajsamand is a few kilometers away and is slowly thriving as the best place to visit in Udaipur. Rajsamand is a small town famed for its artificial lake which is also the second-largest lake in the entire world. The lake is perfect to plan a destination wedding in Rajasthan where couples can fullfill their fantasies.

Famous For – Artificial Lake

89. Dhebar Lake


When planning a holiday trip for Udaipur Tour Package, make sure you include a visit to Om Banna Temple in your bucket list for sightseeing. The shrine of Bullet Baba is known to be the most mysterious place in India due to the intriguing story behind its establishment. Despite of idols of Gods and Goddesses, people worship here an actual motorbike that once belonged to Om Singh Rathore.

Famous For – Bullet Baba Shrine

90. Rayta Hills


A quaint little village in Udaipur, Raita is especially known for its Nandeshwar ji Temple and Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple. Nandeshwar ji Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva is beautifully surrounded by lush green hills. The Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple is also set on a hill in the midst of scenic location with a beautiful waterfall.

Famous For – Lord Shiva Temples

91. Birla Temple


One of the most famous religious shrines of Jaipur Temple Tour, Birla Temple is highly mastered and influenced by the fine art or artwork of contemporary architecture. Its contemporary design embellished on the Birla Temple is said to have derived or influenced by a Scottish castle artwork. The major three cupolas in the complex portrays three crucial religions that are followed in our country.

Famous for – White Marble Structure

92. Jantar Mantar

The Jantar Mantar Observatory is a collection of 19 astronomical instruments. It is among those 5 observatories in India built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who was having his interests in astronomy. The observatory is best preserved among all the other ones and has been a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site at the same time. It houses a giant sundial called the Samrat Yantra and many other instruments.

Famous For – Largest Sundial

93. Nahargarh Fort

Formerly constructed as Rajasthan’s Capital, Nahargarh Fort is a peaceful escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. Actually, its construction was commended in the year 174 and extended until 1868. The fortress is a brawny delineating the architecture with the title of being one of the best places to visit in Jaipur Night Tour.

Famous For – Breathtaking Sunset Views

94. Jag Mandir Palace

Well-known as the Lake Garden Palace, Jag Mandir Palace is located on the southern island of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. The palace has a three-storied structure made out of marble and yellow sandstone. It would be a delight to see 8 life-sized elephants carved out of pure white marble that seems to guard the palace. The palace is embellished with roses, jasmine flowers, palm trees, frangipani trees, and bougainvillea.

Famous For – 

95. Bagore ki Haveli

Set alongside the Gangaur Ghat of Udaipur in Rajasthan, Bagore ki Haveli is an opulent gracious palace built in the 18th century. It boasts of over a 100 rooms embarrassing with mirror and glass works. The havelis were built by the Prime Minister of Mewar Kingdom – Amar Chand Badwa. Its beautiful paintings and murals of the Mewar era are adorning the walls of the palaces. Its main highlight is the Dharohar Dance Show held every evening that showcases the cultural folk performances of Rajasthan.

96. Fateh Sagar Lake

An artificial man-made reservoir, Fateh Sagar Lake was named after Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur and Mewar. It is the second-largest of all four lakes in Udaipur city tour, where boating offers unlimited perks. Watching sunsets here are immensely picturesque and you must visit the place to witness the same for once. The artificial lake is sprawling over one sq kilometer and is divided into three distinct islands.

Famous For – Evening Boat Ride Experience

97. Maharana Pratap Memorial

One of the most interesting tourist places in Rajasthan, Maharana Pratap Memorial is the greatest tribute given to Maharana for his valor and bravery. The life-size bronze statue of Maharana Pratap riding his horse is 11 feet high and visible from quite a long distance also. The museum is attached to the memorial which features some of the most magnificent paintings and other artifacts.

Famous For – Light and Sound Show

98. Jagdish Temple

Devoted to the preserver of the universe, Lord Vishnu, Jagdish Temple is a grand mighty structure standing in the City Palace complex of the breathtaking lake city. The temple is worshiped by pilgrims to offer prayers to the god and is the most significant temple in the entire city of Udaipur.

Famous For – Beautiful Carvings

99. Jaswant Thada

The royal cenotaphs of Jodhpur, Jaswant Thada is a splendid marble cenotaph monument that is also a mausoleum for the Mewar Kings. This is a memorial site built in the honor and memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh Ii by his son Maharaja Sardar Singh in 1899. It is a beautiful edifice made out of intricately carved marble that is offset vibrantly against the red steps and leads up to the entrance.

Famous For – Marble Cenotaphs

100. Toorji ka Jhalra

Locally known as the Stepwell of Jodhpur, Toorji ka Jhalra is an intricate design of the ancient stepwell.  One of the few remaining structures depicting the traditional water management systems of Jodhpur. The architectural wonder was built by the queen consort of Maharaja Abhaya Singh. The design and structure helps onlookers to capture amazing photographs at this site.

Famous For – Impressive Design

101. Salim Singh ki Haveli

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Jaisalmer, Salim Singh ki Haveli is built on an older structure that was constructed during the early part of the 18th century. The mansion was the main residence of the Mehta Family, one of the most popular families in town during the 18th century. Salim Singh, the then prime minister of Jaisalmer commissioned the building of this mansion. It has a unique architectural identity – the roof is based on the peacock’s physical form which lies in the vicinity of the Jaisalmer Fort.

Famous For – Peacock Like Roof

102. Nathmalji ki Haveli

The haveli in the heart of Jaisalmer has its origin from the late 19th century and has an extraordinary exterior, dripping with carvings. Nathmalji ki Haveli was built by two brothers Hathi and Lulu who produced this virtuoso work. The pictures engraved on the pillars and walls consist of horses, cattle, floral depictions, and many other things. The most interesting aspect of this Haveli draws instant attention are the modern amenities like cars, fans, etc.

Famous For – Interestingly carved pictures

103. Gadisar Lake

Named after Maharaja Gadsi Singh, Gadisar Lake was originally built as a conservation reservoir for rainwater harvesting. During ancient times, Gadisar Lake happened to be one of the major water sources for the entire city. The artificial lake has earned the fame of being the most famous place to visit in Jaisalmer at night.

Famous For – Boating, Bird-watching, and Sunset views

104. Khuri Sand Dunes

On the outskirts of Jaisalmer, Khuri Sand Dunes are famous tourist sites to see in Jaisalmer Tourism. The Kamidhuri Village near Jaisalmer is the best excursion to witness how people live in the Thar desert. One can see mud and straw houses at Khuri with impressive exterior decoration. Camel riding is one of the main activities in this village to enjoy here.

Famous For – Desert Experiences

105. Vyas Chhatri

An air array of brilliant sandstone chhatris is located on an old Brahmin graveyard on an ascent or north-eastern edge of Jaisalmer. It is the most popular sunset point in Jaisalmer from where you can have the beautiful sight of the majestic fort. The cenotaphs were made as a symbol of respect to the clans of the royal family after their death. It’s fine detailing, statistics, and the material used to make it look stunning.

Famous For – Historic cenotaphs

106. Pokhran Fort

The historical Fort Pokhran is the 14th-century bastion otherwise called Balagarh that remains as a paragon in the midst of the Thar Desert. This historical landmark is the head post of the Chief of Mighty Champawats that has its past distinguished appended to the prestigious honor of Pradhan. It has become one of the most popular places to visit near Jaisalmer in recent years.

Famous For – Glorious Past

107. Desert National Park

Visiting Jaisalmer will get better with a wildlife excursion to the Desert National Park where you can see plants and animals living in the aridness of the Thar Desert. Displaying the unique range and collection of different species of flora and fauna, this museum draws nature lovers and botanists to observe its large extent.

Famous For – Desert Flora and Fauna Species

108. Bada Bagh

Jaisalmer is well known to be a desert city and the rulers of the city attempted to add some greenery to its landscape. The Bada Bagh was once such an endeavor that stood the test of time and is now a sprawling garden to visit in the desert city. It is located around 6 kms away from Jaisalmer where you can see the royal tombs of the royal families. It was built in ancient Hindu architecture and is surrounded by cenotaphs and greenery.

Famous For – Lush Greenery in the desert region

109. Tanot Mata Temple

Dated back in AD 847, Tanot Mata Temple is believed to be Goddess Hinglaj Mata’s incarnation. Tanot Mata temple is a miraculous spiritual site located in the proximity of Longewala that used to be the battle site during the 165-71 Indo-Pak War. Tourists flock to this place in large numbers because of its religious significance and interesting miraculous tales.

Famous For – Magical Powers

110. Jaisalmer War Museum

The Indian Army has set up a historical war museum in Jaisalmer which is the first one of its kind. It lies on the western front and traces the Indian army and covers in detail its inspiring contribution during Indo-Pak War and the 1971 Longewala Battle. The museum showcases the bravery of the Indian army and also commemorates the sacrifice of its heroes displaying valor and courage of exceptional order during India’s war.

Famous For – Historical Armours on display

111. Doodh Talai Lake

Surrounded by small beautiful mountains, Doodh Talai Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Rajasthan. It is located adjacent to Lake Pichola and is the most stunning attraction on the Udaipur city tour. It provides options for camel and horse rides, fast food centre, and boat rides. One can enjoy a great time in the evening with family or friends.

Famous For – Joyful Camel Ride, Horse Ride, and Boat Ride

112. Raj Samudra Lake

Also known by the name of Rajsamand Lake, Raj Samudra Lake is one of the most famous lakes in the royal state. It was built by Maharana Raj Singh in the year 1660. The main highlight of the lake is its embankment which is made up of white marble. Visiting the lake before sunset for a wonderful evening experience is one of the best things to do in Udaipur.

Famous For – White Marble Embankment

113. Mansagar Lake –

With the stunning backdrop of Nahargarh Hills, Mansagar Lake allures the historic Jal Mahal. In fact, this is among those Rajasthan lakes where boating is not allowed. However, an observation point on its embankment allows soulful panoramic views of the area. Many migratory birds like blue-tailed bee-eaters, grey heron, and wagtail can be seen here.

Famous For – Birdwatching

114. Sambhar Salt Lake

The vast stretch of salt water, Sambhar Lake is a little different from other lakes in Rajasthan. This is the largest inland salt lake in India which is renowned for housing the largest salt production house in India. Since Sambhar salt lake is the lesser-known lake of Rajasthan, whoever visits here gets to see the real ethnicity and culture.

Famous For – Camping & Bonfire night

115. Ana Sagar Lake –

Sprawling over an area of 13 km sq. Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer dates back to 1135 AD when it was commissioned by the grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan, Anaji Tomar. After him, the lake was named Ana Sagar Lake. The island in its center is accessible by boat rides and the embankments have pavilions and gardens which escalates its beauty.

Famous For – Boating

116. Balsamand Lake –

A famous picnic spot in Jodhpur is a perfect getaway in the lap of Rajputana grandeur. This is the best place to visit in Jodhpur that allows you to unwind and soak in utter luxury. Balsamand Lake was built in 1159 AD and is embraced the most by lush green gardens comprising trees of different fruits. One can see Peacocks, birds, and animals in this region.

Famous For – Peacock and bird watching

117. Karauli –

One of the most visited offbeat places in Rajasthan, Karauli is a famous tourist place visited by locals. The surroundings of the town are rich in history and offer many attractions including Kailadevi Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Mandrayal Fort, and more. There are many luxurious places to relax and unwind with family, friends, and partners.

Famous For – Mehandipur Balaji

118. Mahansar –

Known for its rich cultural history and significant past, Mahansar is one of the famous offbeat places in Rajasthan. The most popular attraction of Mahansar is the Sone Chandi ki Dukan Haveli wherein the paintings made of gold leaf will entice you. These paintings are very expressive and depict scenes from the life of Krishna, Ramayana, and Lord Vishnu.

Famous For – Raghunath Temple, Sona ki Dukan Haveli, and Mahansar Fort

119. Dungarpur –

Known for its green marble, Dungarpur is an exotic yet one of the significant places to see in Rajasthan. Situated on the foothills of the Aravalli Range, Dungarpur is famous for its remarkable architecture and palaces. The royal residences and stone structures here are adorned with windows of the regal style.

Famous For – Juna Mahal, Old Palace, Shrinathji Mandir, and Badal Mahal.

120. Dundlod Fort –

Visiting Dundlod Fort is one of the great things to do in Rajasthan and makes for a great historical destination. Made in the European style, the fort has a library inside and has been converted into a hotel. This historical architecture is intricate and you can see frescoes and carvings on it.

Famous For – Library, Horse Show, Frescoes, and European Architecture

121. Varaha Temple –

One of the famous tourist places to visit in Pushkar, Varaha Temple is located in the heart of the city. While Pushkar is the land of glorious dynasties and religious temples, the historic religious shrine does complete justice to its name. The Varaha Temple is dedicated to the chief Hindu God, Lord Vishnu’s avatar Varaha, an incarnation in the form of a boar.

Famous For – Religious sanctity

122. Savitri Temple –

The fascinating pilgrimage site in the city, Savitri Temple, is dedicated to Gayatri, the distressed wife of Lord Brahma. One needs to reach the Ratnagiri hilltop to climb up 200 stairs to reach this temple. One can also take help from the ropeway to reach the temple. This temple is also known for its architectural and scenic beauty.

Famous For – Ropeway ride

123. Pushkar Gurudwara Sahib –

The beautiful gurudwara is located in the heart of the town, Pushkar Gurudwara Sahib is one of the famous spiritual sites for Sikh pilgrims. It is believed that two of the Sikh gurus’ named Guru Nanak Devji and Guru Gobind Singh rested at this place on their visit to Pushkar. There’s a stone slab inscribed as Gobind Ghat, present under a kiosk with four different scripts including Devnagari, Gurumukhi, Persian, and Roman.

Famous For – Sikh religious site

124. Akbar Palace and Museum –

A popular Archeological Museum was established back in 1949 and is located in the Dil-e-Aram Gardens of Ajmer. The museum is divided into three sections and is one of the best places to visit in Ajmer. Comprising a rich collection of sculptures and some excavated material from former civilizations, the museum features two “Yupa Pillars”.

Famous For – Inscriptions from Barnala

125. Rangji Temple –

The Rangji Temple is well-known for its South Indian architectural style such as the high gopuram. Among all the newer temples of the region, it was constructed under the aegis of Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal in 1823. The grace and poise of this place are unmistakable. It is one of the famous holy shrines and experiences a steady influx of travelers every year.

Famous For – Architectural styles

126. Nasiyan Jain Temple –

Constructed back in 1865, Nasiyan Temple is also known as Lal Mandir (Red Temple) devoted to Lord Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankara. The ancient temple is a two-storied building and is one of the best Ajmer tourist places. One part of the temple is the prayer area holding the idol of Lord Adinath, while the other forms a museum and includes a hall.

Famous For – Belgium Stain Glass and glasswork

127. Nareli Jain Temple –

Another Jain Temple found on the corner of Ajmer 7 kilometers away from the middle of the town, the modern Nareli Jain Temple is an impressive blend of tradition and modern-day architectural style. With 24 additional miniatures, the temples are placed right on the hill above. These symbolize the Tirthankar of Jains also called 24 Jainalay.

Famous For – Sculptures and elaborate designs

128. Adhai din ka Jhopra –

Despite Khwaja Moin-ud-Din Chishti, Adhai din ka Jhopra lies on the outskirts of the extraordinary ruins of the mosque and is one of the famous places to visit in Ajmer. Legends say that its construction took place in 1153 and was completed in only two and a half days. Therefore, it is named Adhai-din ka Jhopra.

Famous For – Islamic Calligraphy in front of the pillared hall

129. Karni Mata Temple –

One of the famous tourist places to visit in Bikaner is Karni Mata Temple. The religious shrine is dedicated to Goddess Karni, considered an incarnation of Goddess Durga. Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner built the temple in the 20th century in Mughal style. It is famously known as the Rat temple of Rajasthan because it is home to almost 20,000 rats.

Famous For – Rats scurrying around the premises

130. Salasar Balaji Temple –

A famous pilgrimage site in Rajasthan is Salasar Balaji Temple in Churu. The religious shrine is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is explored the most by several devotees who flock here all around the year. Jaipur Salasar Tour is the most preferred day excursion of pilgrims in the city. During the occasion of Chaitra Purnima and Ashvin Purnima, the temple expects the highest footfall of devotees.

Famous For – Religious Belief

Conclusion –

All these can together make your Rajasthan Tour Itinerary the most memorable and happening one for you. Considering these in your tour plan will surely make your holidays fruitful. Now, what are you waiting for? Plan your next holidays in Rajasthan to witness its real beauty and discover all these places on your vacation trip.

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