10 Best Places to Visit for Holi Celebration 2024 in India

The most awaited cultural festival of India, Holi is celebrated with the highest level of enthusiasm. The colorful festival brings lots of happiness in the form of natural colors. The best places to celebrate Holi Festival in India soak you with unmatched festive fervor. The choice of places to visit for Holi celebrations in India also varies as per the experiences you are looking forward to. Several amazing activities and Holi traditions are celebrated as per the customs followed all across the country. Marking the onset of the harvest season and spring, Holi infuses the atmosphere with unstrained joy and zeal.

From Holika Dahan, guzzling thandai to gorging on bhand pakora, Dj parties, all set the Holi mood for travel enthusiasts. Temple rituals, royal celebrations, and playful aura, all collectively make Holi Celebration 2022 something worthful. If you are planning a holiday package in India with Car Rental Services and hotel bookings, then head out to these 10 best places to visit for the Holi celebration in India. Take a look at the list of these places –

Mathura –

Holi in Mathura is much similar to a glorifying and interesting place because of some obvious reasons. Being the birthplace of Lord Krishna and the place holding some evidence to his miracles, Mathura is a sought-after place for devotees mainly during Holi. Temples in Mathura host many events to celebrate the festival. Holi festival celebration in Mathura commences in the late noon from Vishram Ghat and finishes near Holi Gate. The main attraction of this celebration is the Dwarkadheesh Temple.

Vrindavan –

The playland of Lord Krishna – Vrindavan is highly revered by Hindus and frequented all through the year. Holi in Vrindavan is the occasion receiving a huge influx of Vaishnavas. The hub of the Holi celebration of the Vrindavan Tour is Banke Bihari Temple. The merriment continues for a week that commences with splashing flowers or Phoolon ki Holi, proceeds with widows Holi, and concludes with a riot of colors. Also, the Gopinath Temple is another prime attraction that witnesses the unique color play by widows.

Barsana –

Among the top places for Holi celebrations in India, Barsana is well known for Lathmar Holi that intrigues people. The festival celebration has a twist where men need to safeguard themselves from the playful beatings of women. Women from Barsana and Nandgaon beat men with sticks in a playful manner while the men have to protect themselves from hits with shields. According to the legends, Krishna was jealous of Radha’s fair complexion as he was dusky. So, he used to paint her face with colors to maintain that there’s no skin tone differences.

Agra –

The Holi Festival in Agra sets the city at the pinnacle of festive fervor. The Indian festival is celebrated with much zeal and gusto in this city which brings forth colorful opportunities to indulge in. Partying, dancing, savoring sweets and other amazing activities make merry knows no bounds. Many colorful parades with folk songs mark the highlights of the Holi Celebration in the Agra Tour Package.

Hampi –

A common notion of Holi celebrations is only confined to North India. Holi celebrations in Hampi are remarkable and beyond one’s expectation. Temples and other venues reverberate with the enthralling festivities of Holi. This is so because of this revelry that Hampi is one of the top places to visit for Holi celebrations. At the beginning of Holika Dahan bonfire, the festivity includes songs and dances around it.

Udaipur –

To witness the Holi Celebrations in royal style, Udaipur hosts an imperial affair that involves the participation of royal families. This celebration begins with Holika Dahan where the local Maharaja lights the ceremonial bonfire in the royal palace’s courtyard. It is famously known as Mewar Holika Dahan. The locals perform Gair dance around the bonfire. In this procession, the royals are seated on bedecked elephants, camels, and horses which you can experience on the Udaipur Tour Packages.

Jaipur –

Holi in Jaipur transforms the Pink City into a rainbow. The main attraction of Jaipur Holi celebrations is the gala celebration in the palace. It is hosted by the royal family to support local charities. The old Khasa Kothi Hotel organizes functions with the support of the local tourism office. Programs are held with Rajasthani folk music and dance along with a decent gulal play. One can plan Jaipur 5 Days Tour to engage in sightseeing experiences and wonderful Holi celebrations.

Mumbai –

With all the top-notch resorts, clubs, and grounds of the city where you can get ready to throw pulsating Holi parties in Mumbai. Every nook and cranny of this city oozes with Holi cheers. With a host of amazing Holi events in Mumbai, people are spoilt for varied choices to select where to go for celebrating Holi. Every year, the celebrations of Holi in Mumbai are more vivid than before which offers the best trip for travel enthusiasts.

Pushkar –

The famous holy town of Rajasthan, Pushkar celebrates Holi with much vivacity and spirit. The main square of Pushkar hosts a grand party here with live music and color-bathed people enjoying. The excitement is further upped with bhang thandai and lassi. The scene of colorful bombs being thrown on each other to enjoy the day to its max. Experience the cheerful delight of the environment on the Pushkar Tour Packages.

Delhi –

The Festival of Holi in Delhi is no less than an enthusiast’s affair that transforms the metro city into a vibrant rally. Colored water balloons, pichkaris, clouds of gulal turn the city into a colorful scenery. If you are wondering where to go in Delhi Tour Package, then the Holi Moo Festival welcomes you among others. In this, you will enjoy your great times with performances by several Indian and international artists.

Splash of vibrant colors during the Holi Festival Tour Package, you can never go wrong with the place of your interests. There are even more places in India to celebrate Holi but these are the most popular ones. So, this year plan a trip to any of your favorite places and celebrate the joy with colors.

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