Amber Fort Light and Sound Show 2021-22

Jaipur is rich in culture and heritage so providing the best tour package for the light and sound show at Amer fort. With a backdrop of rugged stone walls and the air of Rajasthan elegance, tells the tale of many famous Rajput kings and emperors, their legends of valour and bravery.  A grand effort has make to revive Amer pride, history and traditions through sound and light shows. The show celebrates the melodious singing of folk songs woven through legends through folk music and the musical compositions and masters that still make Rajasthan a distinct identity. 

Every day is a celebration in Rajasthan. In the past, the pride of the flourishing arts and culture in the royal courts is still alive. The diverse dance forms, musical styles, songs and dramas are the heritage of Rajasthan. Get a unique experience of colorful Rajasthan through the following cultural performances.  

Two light and sound shows take place every day in Amber Fort. There is also a food stall on the welcome lake. Most of the visitors to the show come from their private vehicles.

Overview of Amer:

 A grand effort is to revive Amer pride, history and traditions through sound and light shows. The show celebrates the melodious singing of folk songs woven through legends through folk music and the musical compositions and masters that still make Rajasthan a distinct identity. 

A grand visual display performing at the Amer Fort and Palace Complex in Jaipur. This Amer Fort remained the land of the 28 kings of the Kachhwaha dynasty until Jaipur became their capital.


October to February – 6:30 pm (English)/ 7:30 pm (Hindi)

March to April – 7:00 pm(English)/ 8:00 pm (Hindi)

May to September – 7:30 pm(English)/ 8:30 pm (Hindi)

Light and Sound show Ticket Price:

Prices for both the shows is the same. it just depends on the time what is more suitable for you.

Rs. 250.00 + 18% GST = Rs. 295.00  For English per person & 

Hindi Rs. 295.00 per person

More about Amer Fort:

Location about 11 km from Jaipur, this huge fort of Rajasthan construct by Hindu and Rajputana style. Looking at this fort from outside, it look influencing by the Mughal architecture, while inside the fort is build in the Rajput architectural style.

This fort is a unique example of Mughal and Hindu architecture. Photos of famous and courageous Rajput rulers of ancient architecture and history also house inside this fort. The historical palaces, gardens, reservoirs and beautiful temples built inside this huge fort double its beauty.


Light and sound shows organize daily in the largest fort in Rajasthan. This show attracts the attention of tourists. At the same time, this show tells about the beautiful history and courageous kings of the fort of Amer. The show runs for about 50 minutes.

Let me tell you that the Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has lent his voice to this show. Tourists have to take separate tickets to see this show.

 Places visit in Amer Fort:

  • Diwan – e- Khas: Diwan-i-Am is very special among the historical and important structures built in the complex of this huge fort situated on the Aravali hill of Jaipur. It build by Raja Jai ​​Singh. It was built for the general public, in this grand hall, the problems of the general public were heard by the emperors and are resolved. This special historical structure is made with very finely carved columns with mosaic work of glass. There are 40 very attractive pillars in this hall, some of which are also of marble, while there are precious stones on this pillar. Sculptures of different very beautiful paintings are carved on the stones of this special historical building.
  • Sukh Niwas: There is a very beautiful Sukh Niwas in front of the Diwan-i-Aam built inside this huge fort of Rajasthan, which is one of the main attractions of this fort. The doors of fort are of sandalwood, decorated with elephant teeth. According to historians, the emperors used to spend their precious time with their queens in the built-in the premises of this fort. For this reason, it is famous as Sukh Niwas. The amazing artwork and exquisite carvings attract the attention of tourists.
  • Sheesh Mahal: The Sheesh Mahal inside this huge fort of Amer included in the list of World Heritage is one of the major attractions here. This palace is of many beautiful mirrors. The Sheesh Mahal has been build in a very unique way, when some light rays fall inside the  Mahal, then the entire hall lights up. The special thing about this is that only one candlelight is enough to publish it.

The unique view of the Amer Fort and the palace complex in front, the grand Jaigarh on the left and the scenic hills rising behind it make the show unforgettable.

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