Top 10 Winter Honeymoon Destinations In India To Make Memories With Your Loved Ones

Romance is a sweet bliss to experience in the desert state of India which turns out to be more charming. It is believed that a newly married couple must be looking for sweet and sensuous escapades to enjoy some moments together. In the phase of love, there’s everything that seems to be wonderful and delightful. To match your romantic vibes, India is adorned with stunning landscapes to fine-tune your romantic mood. Every year, winter brings the awesomeness to weather making it perfect for sightseeing and enjoying adventure activities to capture your delightful lens. From surreal landscapes to panoramic views of the city, the country has everything that you might be dreaming of. One can always find a view where harmony in togetherness can be felt.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the most gorgeous winter honeymoon destinations in India. So, you can relish your great time with your beloved ones.

1. Goa

On the western coast of India lies Goa which is the most delightful and romantic destination to visit in the country. This place is beautifully dotted with pristine beaches and 300-year-old Portuguese architectural heritage which will never make your holiday to Goa a monotonous one of life. Splendid weather, colorful houses, sandy beaches filled with thrilling water adventures and relaxing vibes with unique culture, and more.

2. Munnar

Right in the midst of hillocks and lush greenery, emerald green spice and coffee plantations, and teeming National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Munnar is a real paradise of nature. You can feel the romantic vibes as the romance is in the air and the beauty of picturesque surroundings will overwhelm you. Wake up to the soul-soothing views of hills and lush greenery while being in Munnar.

3. Udaipur

A beautiful paradise of lakes, Udaipur is embellished with its serene charm and you will surely redefine your love and enjoy the romantic bliss. If you are looking for beautiful honeymoon places to visit in India, then Udaipur is the best place to go. There are blissful temples to seek blessings of togetherness, fairytale-like palaces, narrow lanes with colorful markets, dense forests, and breathtaking views.

4. Kashmir

The fairytale-like landscape of Kashmir has never failed to win the heart and souls of travellers. The state is beautifully surrounded by velvety meadows and or taking a boat ride on a lake flanked by alpine forests and talking about your future goals for hours. Kashmir is the most sought-after honeymoon destination which is the ultimate place for romance.

5. Darjeeling

A place is made of dreamy landscapes is Darjeeling which is a great place to be with your loved one. There are picturesque emerald green tea plantations, colonial bungalows and buildings, gorgeous sunsets to view from Mt Kanchenjunga, and steep mountain ridges offering mind-boggling views to pose for a romantic picture with your loved ones.

6. Jaisalmer

One of the best honeymoon destinations in India for a unique experience, Jaisalmer is in the heart of the Golden Thar Desert. Jaisalmer epitomizes the legacy of Rawal Jaiswal which has been luring tourists with its age-old aura and mesmerizing charm of ages. The hill fort of Jaisal is surrounded by golden sand dunes which is the center of attractions. There you will get to see the stunning architectural wonders decked with a vibrant shade of gold.

7. Shillong

One of the best romantic winter honeymoon destinations in Northeast India. If your heart needs to beat faster than the speed of light then choose Shillong for your next honeymoon trip in India. It is an abode of clouds and enchanting landscapes. Engulfed by lush green hills and valleys, fascinating waterfalls, scenic lakes, pine trees, and more, the Scotland of the East will give you the reason to call it a heaven on earth.

8. Auli

Auli is one of the top winter destinations to visit in India which is also considered the best budget place to enjoy a romantic trip of your life. Couples can relish the most famous adventure activity at this place, viz. Skiing. You can also capture amazing views of Nanda Devi which is the second-highest peak of India.

9. Coorg

This is a bewitching hill station of Coorg which is one of the best places to visit for a honeymoon in South India. Coorg is the most popular for its stunning coffee plantations, fog-covered mountains, beautiful manor, and waterway island. It is stunning and soul-soothing to hold the hand of your loved ones and take a stroll across the beautiful coffee plantations.

10. Manali

In the Himachal Pradesh state of India lies Manali which has stayed on top of the list of places to go for a honeymoon in India since the British period. It offers ultimate rejuvenation in the lap of mother nature. The stunning apple orchards, magical views of nearby snow-clad mountains, and the narrow lanes with gushing rivers, all enthrall visitors on a Manali Tour Package.

Conclusion –

The places mentioned above in this article are some of the best places to visit in India for a honeymoon tour with a partner. So, plan your next romantic trip with your beloved one and enjoy every minute of your trip.

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