Top 10 Things To Do In Rajasthan To Make The Best Out Of Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan – the land of Kings and Maharajas portrays a distinctive and fascinating contrast of both rural and royal India. With a plethora of amazing things to do in Rajasthan, you can see the beauty beyond majestic forts and palaces on Rajasthan Tour Packages. With the warm hospitality of royal Rajasthan or exploring the haunted sites, there are many things that will surely grab your attention. Rajasthan is the best place to go for family and friends. There are a lot of famous tourist places to visit in Rajasthan where one can enjoy vacations with loved ones.

If you have thought that the vibrant state is all about the bravery of the glorious past, then indulging in these activities will let you change your perspective. So, whenever you plan your next trip to Rajasthan, make sure your tour plan includes these amazing things to do!

Joyous Rickshaw Ride in Jaipur :

There’s nothing better than exploring the walled city on a rickshaw ride to experience the liveliness of the city. Jaipur with its bustling streets, exciting trails entice you with loads of surprises at every twist and turn. The walled city is also on the list of potential UNESCO World Heritage Sites making it an experience worth having.

Camel safari in the vast desert stretch :

Rajasthan is the land of sandy terrains and deserts. Any trip to the state would be incomplete without experiencing the camel safari in the desert. Camel Safari is the best possible way to discover the golden sand dunes of Rajasthan. It is the best way to explore the vastness of this arid region. Going on a Desert Tour of Rajasthan is one of the most sought-after things to do in the state.

Camping in Jaisalmer Desert :

Jaisalmer is popularly known for its desert offering many exciting activities and camping amidst the desert is an experience on its own. The Desert Safari Package allows you to enjoy camping under the night sky in this golden city will be a lifetime experience. There are so many best desert camps in Jaisalmer and provide all essential facilities to make you feel comfortable.

Boating in Serene Lakes :

Amazingly, the desert state of Rajasthan takes pride in being home to many natural or man-made lakes. Where Udaipur is popularly known as the City of Lakes as it is surrounded by several mesmerizing lakes. The city is snuggled amidst the most explored places to visit in Rajasthan. The best lakes in Rajasthan are Gadisar Lake in Jaisalmer, Lake Pichola, and Nakki Lake, and more where you can enjoy boating.

Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer :

The thrill of riding over the golden sands in the Jaisalmer Thar Desert is really amazing and exhilarating. Going on a Dune Bashing at Sam Sand Dunes is great for the daring souls who would wish to pacify their adrenaline rush. The experience possesses various challenges to deal with as you navigate the inhospitable landscape. Engaging in this adventure will transform your boring evenings into an ethereal affair.

Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan :

The emerging trend of hot air ballooning will definitely grab the attention of many. Slowly fly over Jaipur – the pink city and try to spot a Royal Bengal tiger at Ranthambore. Also, you can see the vibrant Pushkar Fair from a certain height. Ranthambore is one of the best places to enjoy this adventure ride and observe the rich wildlife from a bird-eye view.

The Khajuraho of Rajasthan Osian :

Don’t be surprised by Rajasthan’s very own Khajuraho. This is a home to an array of ruined Jain and Brahmanical temples, Osian is a real desert delight. The ancient town serves as a religious site that remains thronged by the devotees throughout the year. Out of 18 shrines, the Kali Temple, the Surya Temple, the Jain Temple, and the Sachiya Mata Temple are the best to explore in Osian.

Mysterious Haunted Sites :

Rajasthan is a home of various places to visit in India that grab the attention of every adventure lover. The most important of the Bhangarh Fort run chills down the spine of many. One of the most haunted sites in India is explored by many tourists, especially youngsters. Also, the historical Kuldhara Village is somewhat famed for similar reasons.

Stay at a Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan :

By choosing the Luxury Rajasthan Tour Package, you can get a chance to cherish the royal lifestyle of Rajputs. Transformed heritage hotels of Rajasthan stand as a testimony to the rich historical legacy. If you are one of those who don’t wish to compromise the royal comforts then you should plan a stay here.

Wildlife Safari in Rajasthan :

Rajasthan is the home of some most famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India. Enjoying a jungle safari to Ranthambore lures the scores of tourists. Feel the thrill to spot Royal Bengal Tigers while on a visit to Ranthambore during the winter months. Also, you can plan excursions to the Keoladeo National Park or the Jawai Leopard Safari gives you the chance to witness amazing species of avifauna in the Wildlife Tour in Rajasthan.

These are just a few to enlist here! The royal state of Rajasthan has so much to store that you won’t get enough of them. Plan a Rajasthan Tour during November and February as winter is the best time to visit Rajasthan. Enjoy your holidays full of the unique experiences of the royal state.

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