Things to take care while travelling to sand dunes

Things to take care while travelling to sand dunes

When we are travelling to any place, we should take care of many things. It is applicable while travelling to sand dunes.
We will be sharing information for sand dunes. Sand dunes are surrounded by a variety of environments that includes grasslands, wetlands, forests, and alpine lakes. It is near a grove of ponderosa pine trees. Some of them are listed on the National Register of Historic Places peeled by indigenous tribes for food and medicine.
Landscapes are the most stunning scenes in the entire world and Great Sand Dunes National Park is the best across the world.
Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve is the home to the tallest dunes in North America. It is at around 755 feet in height. It has ever-shifting hills, mounds sit west of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains that create a mind-boggling desert-like landscape surrounded by 14,000-foot snow-capped peaks.
The best ways to explore the dunes when visiting this area, we will be sharing things you should keep in mind to make the most from your trip.

What is the best time to visit the sand dunes place?

October to March is the best time to visit sand dunes place like Jaisalmer, Bikaner, etc. It gets cool and pleasant between December and February.

It is the best time to visit this place during Desert festival which happens in the first week of February is a splash of color, folk culture and not to forget about the camel rides and races. At this time due to the festival, more people come so please be in mind when you travel at this time.
We will be sharing the best places to travel in the Jaisalmer of Rajasthan during your visit to India:

Jaisalmer Fort:

Jaisalmer Fort: It is built in the 12th century AD by Rawal Jaisal, it is built on the Trikuta hill from locally available in the yellow sandstone. It is the only living fort in Rajasthan.
Apart from the palace and temples, the smaller houses within the fort have been converted into homestays or shops selling local handicrafts. You can stay one night in one of the homestays within the fort as budget permits and experience life in a different way.

You can just indulge in some retail therapy while walking through the lanes, you can also observe the way airflow to keep the place cool in the harshest summer. You can use public transport and charges will vary from Rs30 to Rs50.

Gadsisar Lake

The beautiful patch of water in the heart of Jaisalmer city is soothing to the eye. Earlier, it was built as a reservoir for the rainwater harvesting and eventually developed as a hotspot with temples and shrines alongside.
Begin your day here with the bird watching or spend some time in the evening boating on the lake and watching the sun slip away in a deep golden hue to the structures around.


The Havelis in the Jaisalmer are testimony to the very prosperous past courtesy trading on the silk route. It is made of locally procured yellow sandstone that is built in an interlocking style without the use of mortar. It has exquisitely carved facades with the floral patterns, animal and bird motifs as well as latticed windows often known as jharokhas.

Jain Temples

The Jain temples within the Jaisalmer Fort are best to see. They are open till noon for public viewing. They are primarily dedicated to Rishabhdevji and Sambhavnathji.

The Jain Temples in Lodurva is the ancient capital on the way to SAM Sand Dunes is worth a visit to experience its former glory and the elaborately carved pillars and arches.


I have shared information when is the best time to visit the Sand dunes. I have given the best example of Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan in India. How we can travel and which are places in Jaisalmer.

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