Why The Great Rann Of Kutch Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination?

Wondering for an amazing place to go next? Then make your way to The Great Rann of Kutch. Visiting Kutch in Gujarat will pump your mood to gala festive that will surely enthrall you. The reason is the Kutch Festival where you can witness a grand carnival of music and dance. In case you want to admire the natural beauty or absorb in cultural heritage charm, then Rann of Kutch has got you covered. Once you set foot on this world’s largest salt desert, you will be impressed by the colorful myriad of natural and cultural hues that this place has to offer. Adventure lovers or thrill-seekers can engage in many amazing adventurous activities to indulge in as well.

If you are still bewildered about whether you should explore Kutch tourism from Jaipur to Ahmedabad Taxi. Then here we have listed a few of the 10 important reasons that will convince you to get on a trip to Rann of Kutch soon.

01: Celebrate the Gala of Rann Utsav –

The prime reason is indeed the Rann Utsav. The fiesta is held every year with folk dances and music, the Kutch festival showcases cultural diversity. One can plan a stay for one or two days at Kutch festival 2021 and take part in its extravaganza. Attending this gala would be worth cherishing the moments. Once you are at this place, do not forget to click snaps or shoot videos of traditional dance performances and more.

02: Encounter The Enriched Wildlife –

Rann of Kutch is widely famous for its wildlife and a great variety can be seen here. Taking a jeep safari excursion by Taxi Service in Ahmedabad to Wild Ass Sanctuary will drive you to the famous wildlife reserve. The reserve offers a chance to spot wading fesser flamingo and chinkara. An interesting specialty about animals here was commonly found in west Pakistan, South Iran, and north-western parts of India.

03: Experience The Cultural Atmosphere –

When planning a trip to Kutch, one can be ready to immerse in the rich cultural significance that will enhance your vision towards Kutch heritage and tourism. Take a walk around Bhuj that lies close to the Rann of Kutch and pay a visit to Prag Mahal Palace. Enjoy a stroll over by the Mahal interiors and applause the European style of architecture. This will surely fascinate you and satiate the wanderlust soul in you.

04: Have a fun time at the Black Hills –

In the list of the best places to visit in Kutch, Black Hills is the one that you cannot miss. It is the highest point from where you can get captivating views of the vastness of the desert. Witness the panoramic views of the entire town from here. Visiting the hills or climbing up to this hilltop will be an amazing experience to enjoy. At the hill, you can see the 400-year ancient temple of Dattatreya and learn more about its past.

05: Indulge in thrilling adventures –

If sightseeing is all you know about the great Rann of Kutch, then you are forgetting a major section, i.e. adventure. Try out camel rides or ATV rides if you please to go for parasailing and segway rides. All you need to do is get prepped with instruments that the organizers will supply you to enjoy. Professionals will guide you throughout the adventure trails. So, be ready to have a mind-blowing trip to Kutch with Gujarat Temple Tour Package.

06: Romantic Night Under the Sky Light –

Wondering what’s there to do as a romantic couple at Rann of Kutch? Then the starry night sky calls you for a romantic dinner date or overnight stay with a beloved partner. Under the night sky, the desert becomes more captivating and makes out a perfect choice for spending the evening with your soulmate. If you are still looking for an offbeat place to spend a romantic night then this deserves to be on your bucket list.

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07: Watch sunrise and sunset over the desert –

Experience the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views from the beachside or hilltops. The experience is unique and you must try this out to make some interesting memories. The desert brightens up with charming hues of sunset or sunrise and the mesmerizing sight is too good to miss. As dusk falls, photographers can get perfect shots of the vibrant sky filled with hues of red and see the magical place falling into the darkness of the night.

08: Camping in the Desert –

If you are fond of camping, then Rann of Kutch is a great place to enjoy this adventure. The serene charm of this enormous land and the pleasant vibe of camping at the tents will give you immense joy and fun. There are air-conditioned tents with attached bathrooms to facilitate a comfortable stay in the desert to enjoy the Rann Utsav in its best way.

09: Try out the delectable cuisines –

For all the food lovers, Kutch has a lot of special delights for you. The exotic flavors burst in your mouth to keep you hooked. Relish the traditional thali comprising sweet and sour chutneys, salad, bread, vegetable curries, and more. You will also get all that in a combo meal. Some amazing dishes to try out here are Dabeli, Khichadi Kadhi, Odho, Pakwan, Gulab Pak, and more.

10: Get baggage of authentic souvenirs –

To take some artifacts and knick-knacks for all your friends and special ones, there is something that the white desert of kutch offers you. The local handicrafts are made of distinctive design and each product is something to behold. You can get some Rogan art, Ajrakh Block Printing Shawls, Bandhani Sarees, quilts, wood carvings, and more.

With all these and more, this is an amazing holiday destination for solo, friends, or family on Tempo Traveller in Ahmedabad. It offers many reasons to be on your next travel plan. So, a gala time awaits you at Rann of Kutch!

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