10 Best Places To Visit In India In March 2023-24

India is an incredible country to plan a vacation anytime during the year, but March is one of the best months to make your journey rewarding. In the month of March, the climate is truly inviting as it is spring and the beginning of the summer season. The cool winds and warm sunny days make it a perfect time to plan holidays in India. No wonder, what is your reason to visit the best places to visit in India in March, you will be glad to plan a fun-filled trip.

However, March is considered the end of the tourism season in India, it is also the best time to visit many interesting places. We have brought together a list of the best places to visit in India in March for a variety of reasons. With winter just one sight, the country will be really pleasing and beautiful. During this time, you ought to visit the following destinations in your holidays 2022 – 2023 Holidays.

Top Tourist Destinations to Visit in March

Rishikesh –

An amazing hill station destination, Rishikesh is located in Uttarakhand which serves as the traveler’s paradise. It is a favorite tourist place to visit in India which is quite famous among the youth. When you want to take a break from a daily routine and drown yourself in meditation and something peaceful then visit Rishikesh Haridwar Tour. It is one of the best places to enjoy adventure sports, yoga, and meditation.

Udaipur –

A famous tourist place to explore the beauty of royal heritage cultures. Udaipur is a place for experiencing the royal lifestyle by staying at the best heritage hotels in Udaipur. In the month of March, the way Holi is celebrated in the city by the locals is truly unique and it hosts a grand celebration. The festival of colors is celebrated in the city in an imperial way which begins with lighting the bonfire on an evening before Holi and then the next day playing with colors.

Goa –

One of the best times to visit Goa is during March, as you will experience the soothing climate. It is the time for Shigmo which is an auspicious and beautiful festival of Goa. It is the state’s biggest Hindu folk festival where you will see the parades in various parts of the state to see in the Goa Sightseeing Tour. Many participants perform different forms of folk dance, Chitrarath, and Rommel. It is believed that this festival brings good luck and fortune as per the Hindu calendar it starts five days before the full moon night.

Hampi –

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is widely famous for its remains from the past medieval era of the Vijaynagar Hindu kingdom. The temples are widely known for robust figures and landmarks. It reflects the magnificent workmanship which is simply incredible. The awe-inspiring Hindu style of design at Hampi Mirrors is the wonderful attraction of the Vijaynagar Empire. The historical and religious sites of the place are incredible to visit.

Delhi –

India’s capital city, Delhi is an ideal place for a historical sightseeing tour by car. If you love experiencing cultural events and attending live theaters then Delhi is the most interesting place to visit in the month of March. In your Delhi Sightseeing Tour, besides exploring the tourist attractions, enjoy shopping, street food, and history walks. The city is divided into two parts of Old Delhi and New Delhi, both the parts have their own unique persona.

Agra –

A historic city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is the home of the fascinating dynasties of the Mughals. It is an iconic destination to make your travel interesting. You will be able to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Agra – The Taj Mahal which was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. On a guided Agra Sightseeing Tour, take a dive deep into the history, if you take the help of local guides.

Khajuraho –

The most popular World Heritage site, Khajuraho is located in Madhya Pradesh. If you love art and sculpture then it is ideal for you to explore during the month of March. You will see the exclusive carved life-size sculptures and the distinct carvings on temple walls. If you want to take a break from a busy lifestyle.

Ooty –

The honeymoon capital of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is an interesting hill station. It has all cliche hill station attractions and many interesting places to explore on Ooty Kumarakom Tour. It is an astonishing place to see during the summer season. March brings the end of winter and the beginning of summer. The mist and smog would have disappeared during March. Some of the plants will be in bloom at this tourist site.

Ranthambore –

The most popular wildlife destination in India, Ranthambore National Park is the best tourist place to visit in this country. March is the best time when tourists will be out of sight and yet the beauty of the place will still be intact. With lesser footprints of tourists, it becomes easier to spot large mammals and explore wildlife safaris. Ranthambore is widely famous for its exciting tiger safari in Ranthambore Tour Package.

Jaipur –

In the month of March, Jaipur reminds everyone of the Elephant Festival, Holi, and other festivals. One can enjoy elephant polo, elephant dance, and much more during this festival. Besides these amazing cultural attractions, March is the beginning of summer which indicates that skies will get clear when you can enjoy the Jaipur Sightseeing Tour. The climate will be pleasing to enjoy long outdoor sightseeing, shopping, and other activities.


So, these are the best places to visit in India in March as this is the finest time to set your foot on a journey and get the best deals as well. So, plan your honeymoon, enjoy your pleasant time with near and dear ones while getting indulged in exciting adventures.

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