Jaisalmer Shopping Guide: Places to visit in Jaisalmer for a Shopping Spree

Unlike shopping malls, high-end boutiques, and designer labels that we usually see in metropolitan cities, Jaisalmer Shopping Guide offers a unique experience to enjoy shopping. Taking you through the rustic charisma of the Golden City, these famous colorful bazaars of Jaisalmer enable the shopaholics to relish the essence of the ancient Rajasthani culture, for which travelers from all across the world flock here to see this colorful paradise. Through our shopping guide, you can get the best experience of shopping in Jaisalmer tourism where you can buy vibrant handicraft items, textiles, and more.

6 Best Places to Go for Shopping in Jaisalmer

Seema Gram –

One of the best places for shopping in Jaisalmer, Seema Gram, is a great place to collect souvenirs and take them back home. You can shop for colorful scarves and dupattas by visiting the stores lined up here. Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan is a prominent place at Seema Gram where you can get artifacts and handicrafts.

Manak Chowk –

Although the shops at Manak Chowk may be small in size, there is no dearth of shapes, colors, and variety of souvenirs that you can buy here. Take a stroll around this vibrant market and shop for traditional items, which are certainly one of the best things to do in Jaisalmer. Be it the traditional clothes, the colorful handicrafts, or the attractive bags, the Jaisalmer shopping tour will be a never-ending experience for you.

Pansari Bazaar –

For everything good and ethnic, head out to one of the best shopping places – Pansari Bazaar. It is considered to be one of the oldest market streets in the city. It is also referred to as the Villager’s market which is famous for selling items that are ethnic to the core. From handicrafts to colorful home decor items and from traditional dresses to puppets, Pansari Bazaar is the best to go and shop for amazing souvenirs that let you take a piece of the Golden City.

Sonoran ka Baas –

Translating as “Abode of Lapidaries”, the market is ultimate for getting some jewelry. Whether you want to get gold, silver, or jewelry studded with precious stones, there is nothing you can’t find at Sonoran ka Baas. From authentic silver ornaments to fascinating beads and funky accessories, find your perfect match for every outfit in this market.

Bhatiya Bazaar –

From the most antique souvenirs to the best silk fabrics, Bhatiya Bazaar is the best place to go on a shopping spree. From big to small, traditional to modern, Bhatiya Bazaar is famed to be one of the oldest streets in Jaisalmer Bazaar which houses an array of shops, stalls, and bazaars.

Sadar Bazaar –

The look and feel of shopping in Jaisalmer can be the best experience at the very own Sadar Bazaar. Though the market is famous for its leather goods, one can get their hands on anything from paintings, carpets, and handicrafts to jewellery, shoes, and sarees. Offering so many things, Sadar Bazaar is a great place to enjoy shopping here.

Things to shop for Artefacts in Jaisalmer:

Mirror Work Embroidery – The mirror work embroidery of Jaisalmer is popular where small pieces of glass, turned into mirrors are sewn into clothes and other items. The mirrors are sewn into brightly dyed local fabrics and once they are moved around in the light.

Camel Leather Products – Leather products in Jaisalmer are quite famous and are purely unique and are made from camel leather. It is one of the most unique things to get the Kopi – the traditional leather-bound diaries as well.

Jewelry – The intricately carved gold and silver jewelry, here you will get designer jewelry with traditional motifs. Along with necklaces, you can find unique pieces of jhumkas, mang tika, anklets, etc.

Fossil Stone – While shopping on a Jaisalmer sightseeing tour, you can get something really interesting. You will find the Hadur stone which carries the residues of aquatic animals that were in existence 180 million years ago.

Souvenirs – There’s no dearth of things to get in Jaisalmer to take back home with you. From rugs, carpets, handicrafts, households, traditional paintings, clay pots, stone-carved figurines, etc. Everything you get from Jaisalmer bazaars is worth taking back home as a memory of your Jaisalmer trip.

Now that you know what to buy and where to buy in this Jaisalmer Shopping Guide, enjoy your great time exploring the golden city of Rajasthan. The stunning city will prove to be a quite treasure trove when it comes to shopping in the Jaisalmer tour packages. You are sure to return with bags full of bursting and everything you get from Jaisalmer will recall you off a great holiday trip to the city.

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