All That You Need To Know About Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the ancient Golden City of Rajasthan which is renowned for its rich cultural heritage.  It is well-known for its majestic forts, Havelis, and Palaces. It is an ancient trading center due to its strategic location on the camel trade routes. Jaisalmer is founded by Rawal Jaisal in the 12th century. It is famous for its fort which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is known for its mirror work embroidered garments, carpets, blankets, Shawls, and woolen Pattu. It is a tourist hotspot for the desert or camel safari and jeep tours.

Popular tourist attractions in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the land of cultural heritage and traditional activities. It is a perfect place for travel enthusiasts to explore the rich heritage of the ancient city. A Jaisalmer Tour Packages is comprised of majestic architectural wonders which bring history alive. There are several places to visit in Jaisalmer that are given below:

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort is a mesmerizing monument to see in the city sightseeing tour. The wall of the Jaisalmer fort is carved from golden-yellow sandstone which is a tawny lion color, when the sun sets it camouflages the fort in the Yellow Desert. By virtue of this, it is also known as Golden Fort or Sone ka Quila.

Longewala War Memorial

It is built at the place where the actual war was battled between India and Pakistan in 1971. It is formed to monumentalize the gallantly fought battle and hail the courage and bravery of soldiers of the Indian armed forces. It is known as the battlefield of Longewala.

Tanot Raj Mata Mandir

Tanot Mata Mandir is a popular temple in Jaisalmer. The Goddess Aavad is worshipped as the Tanot Mata in the temple. It is known for miraculous incidents during the Indo-Pakistan war.

Kothari Patwaon ki Haveli

The Patwaon ki Haveli is also known as ‘Mansion of Brocade Merchants’. It is known for the smuggling of opium. It is famous for its distinctive and outstanding design.

Bada Bagh

It is a garden complex that is known for its wonderfully sculpted cenotaphs and chhatri of former rulers. The special attraction of Bada Bagh is carved pillars, inscriptions, architecture. It is constructed by the maharaja of Jaisalmer state.

Essential things to do in the Golden City

Visit Forts, Palaces, Museum and Heritage center

If you visit the golden city then you must sightsee the famous forts and palaces. You The reason behind the building of the forts and palace.

Desert Safari or Camel Safari in the sand dunes

The desert safari is the best part to do in the city of sand dunes. You can take a glimpse of the Thar desert from by camel safari. To explore the Desert you can book a Desert Safari Tour Package with our cab service.

Majestic Haveli hunting

You can explore the old-age Havelis of Jaisalmer. The stories of the Havelis, their ancient architecture, and many more. The mansions of Jaislamer are well-known for their fairy tale architecture.

Dine at rooftop restaurants

You can enjoy dinner with your loved one at the rooftop restaurants of Jaisalmer. That will give you a wonderful experience. From the atmospheric rooftop restaurants of Jaisalmer, you can take the night view of the landscape.


If you want to explore the royal heritage and handicrafts of the city then you can go on Jaisalmer Shopping Tour. You can purchase the famous oil lamps, finely carved antique pieces, carpets made up of camel hair, old stonework, mirror worked handicrafts, silver jewelry, and silk cotton textiles.


To completely explore the city you can take a Jaisalmer 3 days tour including all the most popular places to visit. For hassle-free travel to the Golden City, you can hire a Car Rental in Jaisalmer which includes sightseeing to famous places of Jaisalmer as per your travel preferences. For accommodation, you can book Hotels in Jaisalmer to stay and experience a great tour of the city.

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