A perfect safari trip in Ranthambore

A perfect safari trip in Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park is one of the biggest national parks in North India. Ranthambore National Park is particularly popular with travelers hoping to spot an elusive tiger in the wild. Tigers are the main animal to watch, the reserve is home to other animals like sambar deer, wild boars, sloth bears, striped hyenas, and also different types of hundreds of bird species.

The Basics is the 150-square-mile park is best known for its wild tiger population. You will able to see around three dozen of the big cats that live here. Everyone who visits takes part in a 3.5-hour tiger-spotting safari that is managed by the government. You can take both jeep and canter, safaris are available.
India’s very own- Ranthambore was very much in news as many Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor welcomed 2023 with a bang in the Rajasthan at the Ranthambore. This place is not just famous for its rich history but it has many stunning palaces and forts you can enjoy but also for its amazing variety of flora and fauna and of course the star of the show- its majestic tigers.
You can come for seeing the wild tigers and you can go on a couple of safaris; you can do some multi-day park tours offer the opportunity to partake in both a morning and an afternoon adventure.

Ranthambore is a popular stop on many Rajasthan itineraries, it is amongst the independent travelers and private and small-group tours alike. Independent travelers can prebook safaris through the Rajasthan Forest Department though it is much easier to go through a travel agent.

Things to know before you go to Ranthambore National Park

We will be telling things you must remember to go to the Ranthambore National Park. It is a place for nature lovers, wildlife watchers, and families with kids. Safaris are available every morning and afternoon. The government limits safari seats to the protected area, so it’s wise to prebook or join an organized tour.
You have to take Jeep safaris to sell out faster than canter trips. Please make sure to bring your passport and have a must carry ID. At Ranthambore, you can discover wildlife through your lens and catch candid moments through your camera.


A Safari in the natural forest is an expedition to observe the wildlife in a natural habitat. There are many sanctuaries and national parks in India that captivate wildlife photographers to click some of the best views. It can be a good reason to get away as a family for a vacation that enclosed with the candid moments and rare sights.
This park of Rajasthan has its place in exploring the wildlife. The park of Rajasthan is famous for luxurious train trips and safari. The most commonly sought animal for photography in the candid moments is the Bengal tigress with its cubs. Machli is one of the tigresses is fond of posing before the cameras. This is the perfect place for clicking candid pictures of dangerous animals. Jeep Safari is advised to deepest to the park for spotting the tigers. India. The Park is spread across around 392 square kilometers and also has other wildlife sanctuaries that include Kaila Devi Sanctuary, Mansingh Sanctuary.

These are the things you will witness to some of the most wonderful tourist destinations. The stunning destination is also known for its intricate architecture.

You can visit the following places here:

  1. Ranthambore Fort.
  2. PadamTalao.
  3. Malik Talao.
  4. Raj Bagh Talao.
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum.
  6. Dastkar Ranthambore.
  7. Ranthambore School of Art
  8. Wild Dragon Adventure Park

How you can reach the Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is just outside of the Sawai Madhopur in the Rajasthan. If driving, it is about eight hours from Delhi, five hours from Agra, or four hours from Jaipur.
All these three major cities are connected to Sawai Madhopur by train also. Most trains from Agra or Delhi take about 4.5 hourswhile those from Jaipur do the trip in as few as two hours.
Ranthambore National Park is closed annually from July to September (the monsoon season). Now it is open all the year-round, you can through the best months for spotting tigers in March and April.
May and June can be particularly hot here so the forest shade and abundance of trees help make temperatures feel less intense.
Tiger Conservation in India The Bengal tiger is India’s national animal and tiger conservation is taken very seriously here. At the forefront of the movement is Project Tigerwhich launched in1973 to protect Bengal tigers from extinction.

Conclusion: –

We have shared these best sightseeing places you can visit in the Rajasthan. You can enjoy the trip with the places across the natural environment. You will see the old heritage and learn more about different birds and animal’s species in Rajasthan.

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