7 Best Places to visit near Jaisalmer for an Incredible Tour

Jaisalmer itself has several amazing things to do and places to visit during a journey. The places to visit near Jaisalmer offer some out-of-the-box experiences to discerning travelers. Tourist attractions to visit near Jaisalmer include an eclectic amalgam of charming villages, rich cultures, and stories of a bygone era. There are several places to visit near Jaisalmer that give you introductions of words like ancient beauty, remarkable, fascinating, and mysterious. The mysteriousness is an interesting part of Rajasthan’s glorious history and heritage. One can experience the fact of revealing the spooky tales of Kuldhara Village, an abandoned village with nothing but arouses questions that can’t be answered. However, the architectural beauty, royal adventure, sand dunes, and wildlife are unmatched elements of tourist places around Jaisalmer.

Let’s dive right into the list of 7 best places to visit near Jaisalmer

Sam Sand Dunes –

It is one of Rajasthan’s most authentic and great deserts that offers breathtaking sights. You will see a layer of sand giving you as far as you can see. Sam Sand Dunes is one of the ideal attractions to explore near Jaisalmer for fun, excitement, and unique experiences. Enjoy thrilling camel safaris and desert safaris are some of the best ways to make a connection amid this desert. Get a wholesome experience of the desert by staying in the camp and witnessing the sunset from over the desert dunes.

Khuri –

The fun-filled thing that always remains on top of the list then doesn’t miss the Khuri Sand Dunes. Khuri is a quaint village located on the city’s outskirts and is one of the most popular tourist places to visit near Jaisalmer. One can relish the charm of traditional Rajasthani folklore and know the traditional lifestyle that will stay in your heart beautifully. A camel ride in this desert is something that your mind creates when you hear the name Jaisalmer.

Lodurva –

One of the best places to visit near Jaisalmer, Lodurva attracts tourists for multiple reasons. One can see the mix of history, architecture, and spiritual vibes by visiting Lodurva. The village knows better history, architecture, and spiritual vibes by visiting Lodurva. The village is known glorious history than Jaisalmer and today gained popularity because of the intricate craftsmanship of yellowish sandstone and old-time that are stuck in every corner.

Jaswant Thada –

A little struggle to find glitter is the thing that suits us as we include Jaswant Thada in the list of best places to visit near Jaisalmer same-day tour. This historical palace is made up of white marble and is known as the Taj Mahal of Marwa. One can see the grace of old times by experiencing the royalty that still sneaks peeks from its walls and design. It is in Jodhpur and is considered one of the must-visit places near Jaisalmer that gives you a better outcome and incredible architecture.

Mehrangarh Fort –

The entire Rajasthan is a state of the king and rich cultures that are still experienced through many forts, palaces, towns, and other tourist attractions. If exploring the forts and witnessing the forts’ great view is the thing on your mind, head to Mehrangarh Fort. It is one of the biggest forts that was built in 1459 and covers 1200 acres of area. It comes on the list of the majestic forts of Rajasthan and is one of the most appealing attractions near Jaisalmer.

Khaba Fort –

If exploring the ruins and knowing the history is a part of your bucket list, the majestic fort could be a great hotspot. It was once inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins who stayed here for 200 years old. When talking about the fort, is one of the mysterious forts that carries incredible stories. Visiting the Khaba Fort gives you a dose of history and mystery that will add an enthralling experience to your vacation. Additionally, you can behold the art and talent of the villagers as the fort has been converted into a museum.

Desert National Park –

One of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries of India that is spread across 3062 sq km, Desert National Park covers a large extent of sand dunes. It is one of the popular places to visit in and around Jaisalmer. It is a combination of the Thar Desert and diverse wildlife adventures that makes it appealing and interesting for visitors to witness the finest ecosystem. There are many lakes in the national park like Rajbagh Lake, Milak Lake, and Padam Talao Lake.

Conclusion –

All these are the top places to visit around Jaisalmer Tour Package that allow you to see the majestic palaces, impressive forts, colorful festivals, and other tourist attractions. You plan a vacation in Jaisalmer with these above tourist places near the golden city.

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