Chittorgarh Tour Packages

Chittorgarh Packages

Chittorgarh mentions its name to the mind gallant heroic Rajput kings exhibiting bravado and valor of Rajasthan. A small district is mainly known for its majestic forts perched upon a hill that makes it an important tourist place to visit in Rajasthan. The Chittorgarh Tourism revolves around the impregnable forts that are bordered by cliffs and are difficult to approach. The fort houses royal palaces, ancient temples, lawns, and lakes, all of great interest to tourists looking for an amazing royal retreat in Rajasthan. A perfect reflection of the opulent Rajput history, Chittorgarh is the traveller’s main opportunity to have a rendezvous with glorious past to reveal in Chittorgarh Tour Package.

The majestic Chittorgarh Fort is the most iconic tourist attraction of the city. Besides the fort, there are many places to see inside the fort, like Vijaya Stambha, Kirti Stambha, a silent lake with pristine waters of Gaumukh Kund. The best time to visit this place is during the Jauhar Mela which is held annually to remember the painful sacrifice made by Rani Padmini.

Rajasthan Cab presents a dedicated category of the Chittorgarh Tour Package which includes all the detailed information about the destination. This includes something about Chittor, Places to visit in Chittorgarh, Tour Guide, and Hotels in Chittorgarh. Also, take a peek into the range of tour packages for Chittor including same-day excursions and well-designed Rajasthan tour packages with Chittorgarh.

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