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Salasar & Khatu Shyamji Tour

Salasar and Khatu Shyamji sightseeing package.

Salasar Balaji and Khatu Shyamji are two most famous sacred place of Rajasthan. Rajasthan cab will provide you pilgrimage from Jaipur to both the places in one day.

• Salasar Balaji: This place is known for the Balaji statue having beard, moustache and round face. Devotees of Balaji or you can Hanumanji used to come here to worship. Most of the people come here on special occasions when big fairs are organised here like: Chaitra poornima and Ashvin purnima Some activities performed regularly at temple are: Worship of God Fixed time Aarti Reciting Ramayan, bhajans and kirtans Savamanis Recites Sundar Kand on every Tuesday. • Khatu Shyamji: This reigious place is known for Shyam Baba temple – God of kalyug. Shyam is synonym of Lord Krishna so the worship is done in the same way. Other places connected to this holy place are: Shyam Kund Shyam Bagichi Gourishankar Temple

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