Rajasthani Food Guide: Savor The Taste of These Famous Rajasthani Cuisines

Tradition Rajasthani Food Item List

  • 1 : Dal Bati Churma – Traditional Food of Rajasthan
  • 2 : Mohan Thaal
  • 3 : Mawa Kachori
  • 4 : Mirchi Bada
  • 5 : Pyaaz Ki Kachori
  • 6 : Kalakand
  • 7 : Gatte
  • 8 : Bajra Ki Rabari
  • 9 : Ghevar – Famous Food of Rajasthan
  • 10 : Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa
  • 11 : Kheer Malpua
  • 12 : Kachri, Imli, Lehsun and Tamatar Chutney
  • 13 : Bajra ki Roti with Lehsun Chutney
  • 14 : Churma Ladoo
  • 15 : Balushahi
  • 16 : Ker Sangari Saag
  • 17 : Kalmi Vada
  • 18 : Methi Bajra Puri
  • 19 : Bikaneri Bhujia
  • 20 : Rajasthani Kadhi

Chokhi Dhani Village

Rajasthani Non Veg Food Item List

  • 1 : Laal Maas
  • 2 : Mohan Maas
  • 3 : Safed Maas (Mutton)
  • 4 : Bhuna Chicken
  • 5 : Junglee Maas

An absolute kaleidoscope of bright colors, heritage sites, and diverse cultures, Rajasthan with its heritage wealth mesmerizes everyone. Its magnificent palaces and majestic forts are quite attractive and popular among travel enthusiasts but at the same time, the royal state is rich in mouth-watering cuisines as well. From tangy veg curries to spicy meats and desserts – the food of Rajasthan is for all vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

To relish the authentic taste of local cuisines on your next Rajasthan Tour, here we are compiling a range of popular Rajasthani dishes and their dominant flavors. Handpick your favorites from these and delight your taste buds with the delicious dessert fare.

Traditional Rajasthani Food Items

Besides shopping in Rajasthan and other things to do in Rajasthan, your trip would be incomplete if you do not try out the best cuisines of Rajasthan. Due to the royal heritage charm, it beholds, the unique yet interesting characteristics of the traditional food items differ because of the extreme climate condition of the region. The authentic food of Rajasthan is quite different from other regions of India. Here are some of the best vegetarian dishes in the main course to enjoy on the Rajasthan tour from Jaipur.

Dal Bati Churma

An iconic traditional food of Rajasthan – Dal Bati Churma is a hot favorite among the natives and tourists as well. Relish the lip-smacking taste of a sumptuous combination of baked bati dipped in ghee, panchmel or panchkuti dal, and jaggery mixed churma. This authentic dish tastes best with melted ghee.

Gatte ki Sabji

Gatte is a local name for black gram flour (besan) dumplings. The curry or sabji is made from a perfect combination of curd and spices, which tastes amazing and lip-smacking. This is a famous traditional Rajasthani food in which the besan balls are dipped in a curry. Gatte ki Sabji is often served with chapati or rice which tastes delicious together.

Ker Sangri

A famous Rajasthani food, Ker Sangri is quite popular in the desert regions of India and is especially famous in Jaisalmer, Bikaner, and Jodhpur. It is a perfect blend of beans and berry which is stir-fried with local veggies and spices. It is best served with Bajre ki Roti and flat Indian bread also known as Chapati.

Rajasthani Kadhi

Famous states like Punjab, Maharashtra, and Uttarakhand are famous for kadhi – so is Rajasthan. The delicious kadhi offers a blend of pungent and spicy taste and is prepared with gram flour, ghee, and buttermilk. This is a traditional food of Rajasthan, light and easy to digest. Those who love the tangy taste must try Aamras ki Kadhi which is made of mango puree.

Methi Bajra Poori

Methi Bajra Poori is a sumptuous Rajasthani food, prepared in minimum oil. Bajre ka atta gives an awesome flavor to foodies. This is a superb street food of Rajasthan when served piping hot. These poori are served well with Aloo ki Sabji, Chutney, and Raita.

Rajasthani Non Veg Food

There are a lot of non-vegetarian dishes that you can try while on a trip to Rajasthan. Try out the best of traditional flavors of non-veg dishes to tantalize your taste buds with the royal savors in the food of Rajasthan Tour Guide.

Lal Maas (Mutton)

When you talk of Rajasthani food, Laal Maas is one of the most popular dishes and tops the list of non-veg favorites. This awesome red meat curry is a fiery combination of mutton, hot spices, and a flavor of red chilies. Try out this non-veg dish with hot bajra roti or piping hot plain rice.

Safed Maas (Mutton)

Another popular and traditional food of Rajasthan in the list of Non-veg delights is Safed Maas. It is often cooked in a finger-licking gravy of milk, cream, curd, and cashew paste. Enjoy this delicious food with red chili and steamed rice.

Bhuna Chicken

This is an authentic Rajasthani chicken dish marinated with spices for a long time and cooked until tender. Bhuna kukad is a dry gravy dish and is served with fresh coriander sprinkled on it. Try out this non-veg curry with ghee wali roti.

Moreover, there are many authentic desserts of Rajasthan to try out Ghewar, Badam ka Halwa, Churma Laddoo, Dilkhushar, and more. Now that everything is set to devour the finger-licking flavors of Rajasthan. Enjoy these delicious cuisines while on a Rajasthan Trip with family or friends.

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