Jaipur to Sri-Ganganagar Cab

Jaipur to Sri-Ganganagar Cab

Book Jaipur to Sri-Ganganagar Cab for one-way or two-way car rentals from Rajasthan Cab and get an easy travel experience. For those who are looking for a one-way drop-off from Jaipur to Sri Ganganagar, it’s the best suitable travel option. We provide an extensive range of cars, taxis, coaches, tempo travelers, and buses for a one-way car rental service in Jaipur. You can also travel from any other destination in Rajasthan to reach Ganganagar safely in our clean and comfortable taxi rental. We provide a huge variety of cars at different rates, from which you can choose the right fit for you.

The northernmost city of Rajasthan, Sri Ganganagar is a place that lies near the border of the state of Punjab. It is often referred to as “the food basket of Rajasthan” because of its fertile plains similar to those one would find in Punjab. The area was once barren and dry but was converted to a green town. In ancient times, two mighty rivers i.e., Saraswati and Drishadvati flowed through the area making it home to tribes similar to those belonging to Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. During the 15th century, Rao Bika established Bikaner and the territory of Sri Ganganagar was part of the princely state of Bikaner.

Jaipur to Sri-Ganganagar Distance and Travel Duration

The distance between Jaipur and Sri-Ganganagar is around 310 km, which can be covered in 8 hours and 52 minutes. The cost for the road trip is INR 11 RS per km, and the charges vary based on time, distance, number of passengers, hiring time, and vehicle size. Taxis or cabs are recommended due to their ability to avoid traffic jams and poorly designed routes. Drivers are knowledgeable about both cars and city routes, making it easy to book a taxi service.

Jaipur to Sri-Ganganagar Distance 468.3 km
Jaipur to Chittorgarh Duration 8 hr 52 min

Jaipur to Chittorgarh Taxi Price

Vehicle Rates per km Driver Night Charges
Suzuki Dzire (Sedan) Rs 11 Rs 300/- per day
Toyota Etios (Sedan) Rs 11 Rs 300/- per day
Toyota Innova (XUV) Rs 16 Rs 300/- per day
Toyota Crysta (XUV) Rs 18 Rs 300/- per day
Toyota Fortuner (XUV) Rs 45 Rs 300/- per day
12+1 Tempo Traveller Rs 24 Rs 300/- per day
16+1 Tempo Traveller Rs 25 Rs 300/- per day

Places to see in and around Sri-Ganganagar

Bror Village

Settle on the Anoopgarh-Ramsinghpur road, Bror village is well-known for the remnants of the Indus Valley Civilization being unearthed here. Several artifacts, skeletal remnants, and buildings have been found in the vicinity of the village and they point to a period of time when the area was thriving with life.

Laila Majnu ka Mazar

The tomb of Laila Majnu is situated at Binjaur village around 11 kms away from Anupgarh city. Legends have it that the tomb belongs to fabled lovers Laila and Majnu. The tomb has today become a symbol of eternal love and people come here from far and wide to seek the blessings of the pair.

Anupgarh Fort

Located in the town of Anupgarh close to the border of Pakistan, Anupgarh Fort is currently a historical ruin. The fort was an imposing structure that helped keep the Bhati Rajputs. It was built in the year 1689 by a Mughal governor who wished to keep Anupgarh under Mughal Tutelage.

Hindumalkot Border

In the town of Sri Ganganagar separates India and Pakistan lies Hindumalkot Border. Named in the honor of Hindumal, the Diwan of Bikaner, the border is one of the foremost tourist attractions of the city. It was located at a distance of 25 kms from Sri Ganganagar and is open for the public between 10:00 am and 5:30 am every day.

Buddha Johad Gurudwara

The historical gurudwara was built to recall important events. This event takes back to the time when Massa Ranghar, guilty of Sacrilege at Amritsar’s Golden Temple was brought to justice by Sukha Singh and Mehtab Singh in 1740.


A city in Sri Ganganagar was named after Rajkumar Padam Singh of the Bikaner State royal family. It is an agricultural hub that followed the construction of the Ganges Canal. The main crops grown here include wheat, bajra, sugar cane, grams, and in recent years.

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FAQ’s on Jaipur to Sri-Ganganagar Taxi

Q1:How far is Sri Ganganagar from Jaipur?
Ans.Sri Ganganagar is approximately 460 kilometers (285 miles) away from Jaipur.

Q2: Are there any tourist attractions in Sri Ganganagar?
Ans. Sri Ganganagar is known for its historical and religious sites. Some attractions include the Anupgarh Fort, Hindumalkot Border, and Laila Majnu ki Mazar.

Q3:What is the best time to visit Sri Ganganagar?
Ans. The winter months, from October to March, are considered the best time to visit Sri Ganganagar when the weather is more comfortable for sightseeing.

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