Jaipur to Butati Dham Taxi

Jaipur to Butati Dham Taxi

The world rests on hope. However, the loser remembers this saying over and over, and because of this, he has the ability to drink the poison of enemies. This philosophy of life is found alive in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. There is a temple named Butati Dham which is becoming famous all over the country due to its special recognition. Jaipur to Butati Dham is said to heal paralysis and our Rajasthan Cab the best taxi service for Jaipur to ButatI Dham.

About Butati Dham

Butati Dham is in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan and is widely renowned as the pilgrimage site and an architectural marvel. Its awe-inspiring temple is made entirely of glass and adorned with intricate glasswork, earning it the moniker “Glass Temple.” Pilgrims and tourists visit Butati Dham to admire the exquisite craftsmanship and pay their respects to Lord Parshuram.

How To Reach – Jaipur to Butati Dham Distance

The distance between Jaipur to Butati Dham is 226.1 km via NH 48 and NH 58 and It takes approx. 4 hours 14 minutes to cover this. The straight line distance between Jaipur and Butati is 178 kilometers and 800 meters. So most of the time the actual travel distance between Jaipur and Butati may be higher or vary due to the curve of the road. The mile-based road distance between these two travel points is 147.1 miles.

Seven-day rule, what and why

Patients are allowed to stay here for a maximum of 7 days and 7 nights only. If it is longer than this, they are asked to leave. What is the reason for this? When asked, the temple management committee chairman Shiv Singh says, new people should find a place to come. If any patient comes new, first his registration is done. Accordingly, the material is also provided to him. According to the date recorded in it, he has to vacate the space on the seventh day. If he does not, he is urged to leave here.

Price for Butati Dham Taxi

Jaipur to Butati Dham Cab/Taxi Price

Vehicle Rates per km Driver Night Charges
Suzuki Dzire (Sedan) Rs 11 Rs 300/- per day
Toyota Etios (Sedan) Rs 11 Rs 300/- per day
Toyota Innova (XUV) Rs 16 Rs 300/- per day
Toyota Crysta (XUV) Rs 18 Rs 300/- per day
Toyota Fortuner (XUV) Rs 45 Rs 300/- per day
12+1 Tempo Traveller Rs 24 Rs 300/- per day
16+1 Tempo Traveller Rs 25 Rs 300/- per day

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FAQs on Jaipur to Butati Dham Taxi

Q1: How far is Butati Dham from Jaipur?
Answer : The distance betweeen jaipur to Butati Dham Taxi is 178.8 km.

Q2: In which state is Butati Dham?
Answer : Butati Dham Temple is located in Degana Tehsil of Nagaur District, Rajasthan.

Q3: What is the taxi price for Jaipur to Butati Dham per km?
Answer : The taxi price for Butati Dham taxi from Jiapur starts from 11 rs per km.

Q4: How to hire car on rent for Jaipur to Butati Dham Taxi?
Answer : To hire a car on rent for Butati Dham, you can Call Us or Email Us or you can Fill our Enquiry Form.

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