Enjoy Camel Safari In Rajasthan To Witness The Desert Life Of India

For adventure travel enthusiasts, India offers several exciting journeys or experiences to get amazed from. One such delight for unconventional tourists will be Desert camel safari in Rajasthan. The imperial state of Rajasthan and a wide stretch of Thar Desert provides some remarkable experience during camel safaris altogether with an interesting glimpse into the desert life. Moreover, you will get pleasure from valuable treasure troves of dance, music, and natural delights. The camel safaris in Rajasthan will give you really an amazing flavor of sam sand dunes.

During the months of winter season, from September to March attracts a large no. of tourists visit Rajasthan Tour Package for enjoying camel safaris. The pleasant weather is found to be perfect for daytime temperature and moderately cold climate. As one among the biggest tourist attractions in the region, the camel safari will suit almost all sorts of financial brackets. Therefore, tourists with different budgets could get this memorable experience on a wonderful holiday in Rajasthan.

Camel Safari in Pushkar –

Pushkar is a small desert town located just 11 kilometers from the city of Ajmer. The world’s most famous Pushkar Fair Tour Package will happen to be in the month of November and this is the great time to enjoy camel safari. In Pushkar, camel safaris are really a wonderful experience for tourists who need to include it in their itineraries. However, there are many famous sunrise and sunset camel safari tours that take place in the desert together with a day-long tour to the nearby villages. Tourists are always advised to opt for desert treks and long-duration tours on camels or even camel carts to Mandawa, Nagaur, Jaisalmer, from Pushkar.

These exciting and adventurous tours include delicious and mouth-watering food prepared on a bonfire. Also the special cultural evening with the gypsies, tent accommodation on the sand dunes beneath the wonderful desert sky gives a lifetime memory on Pushkar Tour Packages.

Jaisalmer Camel Safari –

In Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for all the travel enthusiasts who would like to take pleasure from a camel safari. Some most famous camel safaris include short and regular tours around Jaisalmer to nearby dunes like Khuri and Sam that include sunset camel rides together with traditional Rajasthani dinner and cultural programs on the desert campsite. Moreover, tourists can also make their desert safaris longer yet more relaxed by opting camel safaris for a long period of time, often to 2 weeks for a real adventure delight.

Most of the camel safari operators offer a complete Desert Safari Jaisalmer Package including a hotel/resort booking with a guided city tour. They usually have tours including individual camels per person, accommodation as well as food in the desert and at nearby hotels, cultural evenings, and village visits. Kuldhara, Lodhurva, Khuri, Mool Sagar, Kanoi, and Amarsagar, are the best desert villages that serve as a nighttime campsites for a village lifestyle experience.

Camel Safari in Bikaner –

Bikaner is otherwise known as camel city because of is a home of many different camel breeds. It provides a spectacular sight of a desert for each and every tourist who wants their Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour to become unconventional. Most of the tour planners found in the small town offer camel safaris at many different rates. Just like the other towns, Bikaner also possesses day-long trips, sunset rides, long-duration trips, and enduring cross desert sojourns.

Short rides and day-long trips could take tourists to nearby places like Deshnok which brings an end to your desert tour. In Bikaner, one can also relish sand-skiing with all the amazing camel safaris to their itineraries. When it comes to long-duration trips, it includes 2 nights and 3 days safaris allowing you to stay in the world-class desert camps together with all basic necessities.

Jodhpur Camel Safari –

As Jodhpur is considered one of the many cosmopolitan cities found in Rajasthan, it does not possess any desert vistas in and around. Moreover,  it will be a perfect getaway to several luxury desert safari experiences due to its prominence. One among the most popular dunes around the Jodhpur extension in Osian is a wonderful desert village flaunting the best luxury safari camps in the region.

Best time to enjoy camel safari in Rajasthan –

The ideal time to enjoy Camel Safari in Rajasthan is during the months of September to March because of pleasant and comfortable weather conditions. This is the best time to enjoy your desert holidays in the state and take pleasure in unlimited desert experiences.

Book Rajasthan Desert Tour Package to enjoy the most of your holidays with family or friends. The great Thar desert offers a real delight of enjoying sand dunes in the state of Rajasthan.

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