Ayodhya Honeymoon Packages

Tour Overview:

If you are someone recently married and looking for a peaceful romantic trip, then nothing is better than setting out for a memorable Ayodhya Honeymoon Packages. This one is designed for couples seeking a perfect blend of spirituality and romance. From the moment you arrive, our meticulously curated itinerary ensures an enchanting experience to relish. Discover the famous sacred landmarks like Ram Janmabhoomi, Kanak Bhawan, and Hanuman Garhi, each adding a touch of cultural richness to your romantic journey. Seek blessings of the deity and pray for your beautiful married life ahead. Immerse yourselves in Ayodhya’s sacred charm, forging timeless memories on this extraordinary getaway.

Tour Duration: 2 Nights 3 Days
Destinations Covered: Lucknow – Ayodhya

Tour Itinerary Details:

Day 1: Arrival in Ayodhya
Upon your arrival in Ayodhya, couples are greeted with a warm welcome. Check into a preferred accommodation designed to create a serene and intimate ambience. Take the remaining day to unwind and immerse yourselves in the spiritual and cultural atmosphere of Ayodhya. The evening is perfect for a quiet dinner under the stars or a stroll through the city’s enchanting streets. Stay overnight in Ayodhya.
Day 2: Ayodhya Sightseeing Tour
Embark on a romantic exploration of Ayodhya’s iconic landmarks. Start by visiting the sacred Ram Janmabhoomi, the intricately designed Kanak Bhawan and the panoramic views from Hanuman Garhi. Enjoy boating along the Sarayu River and create great memories of tranquillity. The day is interspersed with opportunities for couples to seek the blessings of god and cherish beautiful moments while embracing the city’s divine charm.
Day 3: Departure from Ayodhya
As your romantic tour in Ayodhya concludes today, depart from the city with a heart full of shared memories. Check out from the hotel and bid farewell to Ayodhya’s spiritual haven. If you are willing to continue this tour, then proceed ahead with memories forged during this tour.

Things to do in Ayodhya for Family Trips:

  • Explore the sacred birthplace of Lord Rama, the famous pilgrimage site known as Ram Janmabhoomi.
  • Bask in the splendor of the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, which offers sweeping views of Ayodhya – Hanuman Garhi.
  • Marvel at the exquisitely designed Kanak Bhawan, dedicated to Goddess Sita and Lord Rama.
  • Savour a tranquil riverside experience at the ghats along the Sarayu River.
  • Behold the unique temple at Treta ke Thakur, which features idols representing the entire Rama Family.
  • Take in the artefacts and displays at the Ayodhya Museum to immerse yourself in the city’s past.
  • Experience Ayodhya’s culture and spirituality by attending the evening aarti celebrations at several temples.

Best time to visit Ayodhya

The months of October through March are the best times to visit Ayodhya during the winter. With temperatures between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius, the weather is comfortable and perfect for pleasantly exploring the city’s historical and spiritual landmarks. In the winter, you may appreciate Ayodhya’s rich cultural diversity without the oppressive heat of the summer. The city is livelier and more joyous during this time of year thanks to festivals like Diwali and Ram Navami.

FAQs on our Ayodhya Honeymoon Tour Package

Q1. What does the Ayodhya Honeymoon Package include?
Ans. Our travel package encompasses romantic stays for couples, guided tours to significant landmarks, and personalized experiences to make your honeymoon memorable.
Q2. Can we customize our Ayodhya Honeymoon Package?
Ans. Absolutely! We offer packages with customization to ensure your honeymoon aligns with your preferences and desires.
Q3. Are meals included in the package?
Ans.Yes, our packages include meals, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for you and your partner.
Q4. What is the best time to book Ayodhya Honeymoon Packages?
Ans.The packages are available year-round, but the ideal time to plan the tour is during the pleasant winter months (October to March) for a comfortable and romantic experience.

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