Top 10 Temples in Ayodhya : Exploring the Majesty of Lord Rama's Birthplace

Ram Janmabhoomi

Ram Janmabhoomi, a sacred location in Ayodhya, is revered by Hindus as the birthplace of Lord Ram, a significant pilgrimage site during the Ayodhya Darshan.


Hanuman Garhi, a 10th-century temple near Sai Nagar, honors Lord Hanuman and is a popular destination for worshippers to commemorate the births of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram.

Kanak Bhawan

Kanak Bhawan, a sacred 1891 Ram Temple complex in Tulsi Nagar, honors Lord Ram and Goddess Sita with three golden-crowned statues. Run by Sri Vrishbhan Dharma Setu Trust Private Limited.

Nageshwarnath Temple

The Nageshwarnath Temple in Ayodhya, built in honor of Lord Nageshwarnath, was renovated in 1750 by Naval Rai. It has been well-maintained since 750 AD and is visited during festivals.

Treta Ke Thakur

Treta Ke Thakur Temple, located in Ayodhya's Naya Ghat neighborhood, houses idols carved from black sandstone. Built by Kullu, it is open to the public on Ekadashi, an annual celebration of ancient practices.

Choti Chawni

Choti Chawni, a white marble building in Ayodhya, features 34 historic caves, 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu, and 5 Jainism, and the Kailasha Temple.

Sita Ki Rasoi

Sita ki Rasoi, a historic kitchen used by Sita, is now a temple in Rajkot, Ayodhya, revolving around her as the Goddess of Food and offering free meals.

Raja Mandir

Raja Mandir in Faizabad, near Guptar Ghar, is a legendary Hindu temple with carved idols and luxurious textiles. Known for its connection to Lord Ram, it features a projection in the river.

Ramkatha Park 

Ram Katha Park in Ayodhya, featuring open-air theatres and lawns, is a popular venue for religious, cultural, and artistic events, offering a serene escape from city life.

Mani Parbat

Mani Parbat, a 65-foot hillock near Kami Ganj in Ayodhya, features a Buddhist monastery, a stupa, and holy sites, and is near the Sugriv Parbat.

Dashrath Bhavan

Dashrath Mahal, also known as Badi Jagah, is a magnificent palace with temples dedicated to Lord Ram, serving as King Dasharath's capital and attracting thousands of devotees during celebrations.

Sarayu Ghat

Visiting the city's ghats, such as Naya Ghar, Guptar Ghat, Ram Ghat, and Lakshman Ghat, offers a spiritual journey with stunning views of the Sarayu river.

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