Top 40 Places To Visit In Delhi Sightseeing Tour

Visiting Delhi for the first time and got excited yet confused for the best places to visit in Delhi? Well, the nation’s capital has a lot to entice you and your group. We’ve got a long list of tourist attractions in Delhi that often gives you wonderful experiences of history, heritage, and culture.

The capital of India, Delhi has earned the major attention of tourists and travelers of different interests and comfort. From historical monuments and temples to parks and museums, Delhi has a lot in store that won’t stop amazing you. On a guided Delhi Tour Package, you will be exploring all the major iconic tourist attractions in cosmopolitan destinations. With so many tourist attractions, you can enjoy your great time with near and dear ones.

Top 40 Places to visit in Delhi Sightseeing –

1. Red Fort –


Red Fort Delhi

The Red Fort in Delhi was constructed back in 1638 which is truly an outstanding marvel of Mughal architecture made of using red sandstone. It is an epitome of the Mughal era in India and faced many wars. It is one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Delhi sightseeing tour. Within its enormous walls, the chhata bazaar and every evening sound and light show are special attractions of it.

2. India Gate –


India Gate Delhi

The iconic war memorial, India gate is one of the most famous historical structures representing Delhi or India. The monument was constructed in 1931 as a memorial site for martyrs of World War I and the war in Afghanistan. The structure looks more appealing in evening lights. Every year on Republic Day, there is a parade which is really a prestigious and most ceremonious event taking place in the country.

3. Qutub Minar –


Qutub Minar Delhi

One of the tallest places to visit in Delhi, Qutub Minar stands with its 73 meter tall brick minaret. The structure dates back to the era of Qutub-ud-din Aibak which has five stories abundant with impressive carvings and scriptures on it. Qutub Minar is a part of Qutub complex and has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The red stoned structure is a heritage site of India which is an amazing example of beautiful Iranian style of architecture with Parso-Arabic and Nagari details.

4. Jantar Mantar –


Jantar Mantar Delhi

Constructed in 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur, Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory and one of the most attractive places to visit in Delhi. The instruments at Jantar Mantar can no longer be used accurately because of the tall buildings around. To admire the science of Indian astronomy makes it one of the most visited tourist places in Delhi.

5. Humayun’s Tomb –


Humayun’s Tomb Delhi

The best places to visit in Delhi, and a world heritage site under UNESCO, Humayun’s tomb was built in 1570 by Humayun’s Wife Haji Begum. It is one of the most amazing attractive attractions with amazing works of Mughal architecture to which Taj Mahal owes its design. The graves of Mughal Emperor Humayun, Bega Begum, Dara Shikhoh, Hamida Begum, and other significant members of the Mughals are located here.

6. Akshardham Temple –


Akshardham Temple Delhi

While enjoying sightseeing in Delhi, it is necessarily important to embark on a visit to Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple. It is one of the largest Hindu temples in the world. It was built by the BAPS spiritual organization, it’s a stunning architectural wonder made of pink stone and white marble. It is located on the banks of Yamuna River and exhibits the rich history and heritage culture of erstwhile era.  

7. Lotus Temple –


Lotus Temple Delhi

Popularly known as the Lotus Temple, it is an iconic tourist place to visit in Delhi. The religious temple symbolizes four religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Jainism. The temple belongs to the Bahai’s faith which proclaims that all people and religion are united. Pilgrims of every religion are warmly welcome here.

8. Chandni Chowk –


Chandni Chowk Delhi

The main street of Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk is in the heart of Delhi. Far away from chaotic space, its narrow lanes are filled with shops to buy inexpensive stuff. Also, the street food just doesn’t disappoint you. The market is perfect for buying wholesale products, so get ready with your list before you visit this place.

9. Jama Masjid –


Jama Masjid Delhi

The largest mosque in India – Jama Masjid is another tourist attraction in Delhi that can behold 25000 devotees at a time. It was the first creation of Shah Jahan and serves as an architectural jewel. The mosque has four towers and the southern one gives a stunning view of the city. To visit this place, you’ve to be dressed appropriately to enter the mosque.

10. Bangla Sahib Gurudwara –


Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

One of the famous pilgrimage sites in Delhi, with the gurgling Sarovar inside its complex, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. It was first built as a Sikh Temple by Sikh General, Sardar Bhagel Singh in 1783. The large complex encloses a higher secondary school, Baba Baghel Singh Museum, a library, and a hospital. Pilgrims and tourists visit this place to feel the peace in vibes and heart-winning hospitality of locals.

11. Connaught Place


Connaught Place Delhi

Set in the heart of National Capital Delhi, Connaught Place is famously known as CP which is also considered as the most expensive commercial market. It is famous for housing showrooms of national and international brands, luxurious hotels, and flea markets. It is notably the commercial area that has got its name from Prince Arthur, the 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn.

12. Dilli Haat


Dilli Haat Delhi

An outdoor marketplace is located near INA Market, Dilli Haat is spread over 6 acres of land. This place has 62 stalls of handicrafts and ethnic cuisine from various parts of India. It offers a traditional rural ambiance where travelers can admire the rich Indian culture and shop for local items. Dilli Haat also organizes several cultural events including dance and music performances aiming to preserve the heritage of this country.

13. Rashtrapati Bhawan


Rashtrapati Bhawan Delhi

When exploring New Delhi on Golden Triangle Tour from Delhi, one should not miss out on visiting the Rashtrapati Bhawan. It was the official residence of the President of India. It is flanked on the Western end of Rajpath. This is a sprawling 330 acres estate that houses the Main Building, the Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum Complex, and Mughal Gardens. A huge presidential palace is the largest home of any head of state in the world and is worth visiting in Delhi as well.

14. Damdama Lake


Damdama Lake Delhi

Located almost 60 km away from I.T.O, Delhi, Damdama Lake offers splendid views of Aravalli ranges and is perfect for planning day picnics. The charming lake is famous for its serenity which is amongst the largest natural lakes in Haryana. It offers many exciting activities like parasailing, rock climbing, camping, hot air ballooning, and trekking.

15. Hauz Khas


Hauz Khas Delhi

If you are someone who loves going to parties, then Hauz Khas is a must-visit tourist place in Delhi. This place is especially famous for its swanky clubs, quirky cafes, and fine-dine restaurants. This was earlier known as Hauz-e-Alai which is an affluent neighborhood in South Delhi. It holds historical importance with remnants of the Mughal style of architecture. The palace is famous for its 13th-century structure which retains the old world charm amid the modernized streets.

16. Snow World


Snow World Delhi

Located inside the DLF Mall of India, Noida Snow World is Asia’s Largest Indoor Snow Park featuring ice skating & sledding activities. With an area of 6000 sq meters, it is a themed real snow-filled wonderland. Its mesmerizing interiors and unmatchable scope of activities make it a wonderful place to go with kids on Jaipur Delhi Tour Package. The park maintains a minus 10 degrees of chilly weather which is perfect to enjoy Ski-slides, Icy Luge, and multi coaster.

17. Agrasen ki Baoli


Agrasen ki Baoli Delhi

The popular Agrasen ki Baoli is a protected historical monument located near Connaught Place. It is a deep stepwell having 108 steps and is said to have been constructed by the Agrawal community in the 14th century. It’s a great place to go for photography in Delhi where you can click amazing shots in stunning surroundings. Travelers can spend up to one hour here while marveling at the architectural beauty.

18. Lodhi Gardens


Lodhi Gardens Delhi

Delhi’s Lodhi Gardens is a park sprawling over 90 acres of land and surrounded by a beautifully maintained landscape. It contains the tomb of Sikander Lodi, Mohammed Shah, Bara Gumbad, and Shisha Gumbad. This is stunningly designed with 15th-century architectural work which you can see at this place.

19. Raj Ghat


Raj Ghat Delhi

Raj Ghat is an important tourist site in Delhi that was built in devotion to the Father of the Nation. This place is located quite close to the river Yamuna. It serves as the place where the last rites for Mahatma Gandhi were performed. There is an eternal flame burning and is open to the sky. It is a peaceful and attractive tourist place to visit in Delhi by car or taxi.

20. ISKCON Temple


ISKCON Temple Delhi

The ISKCON Temple in Sant Nagar, Delhi is one of the most famous temples explored by locals and tourists by Cab Rental in Delhi. The temple is home to Lord Krishna and has a beautiful complex where you can spend leisure for a couple of hours. The enormous temple complex encloses a Vedic Study centre and library, an ashram, and the Krishna Jayanti Park which is a complement of gardens, waterfalls, and ponds.

21. Waste to Wonder Park


Waste to Wonder Park Delhi

The national park is created out of industrial and various other waste materials and it will surely leave you in awe. Housing the replicas of the seven classical wonders of the world, this is one of the famous tourist attractions in Delhi to travel by Taxi Rental Services. If you are wondering where you can take your kids for an exciting day, then this is the best place to go in north Delhi.

22. Lajpat Market


Lajpat Market Delhi

A residential and commercial point near South Delhi district is Lajpat Nagar which was named in the honor of Lala Lajpat Rai who was known to Indians as the Lion of Punjab. Lajpat Nagar Central Market has several eyes pointing to it now because of the immense collection of different items at incomparable rates. The market is the most visited where people come to buy fabrics, shoes, ornaments, food items, etc.

23. The National Rail Museum


National Rail Museum Delhi

A significant museum in the history of India is the National Rail Museum in Delhi. It is located in Chanakyapuri and focuses on the rail heritage of India. The museum offers visitors to enjoy toy train rides around the site on regular days. The concept of a transport museum was coming into the presentation in 1962.

24. Garden of Five Senses


Garden of Five Senses Delhi

A park is sprawling across 20 acres of land is the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi is located in Saidul Ajaib Village near the Mehrauli heritage area. It is built on rocky terrain with different thematic areas in the garden including a separate section on the lines of Mughal Gardens of Golden Triangle Tour Packages from Delhi. There are pools of water lilies, bamboo courts, herb gardens, solar energy parks, etc.

25. The Tomb of Safdarjung


Tomb of Safdarjung Delhi

Safdarjung’s Tomb in Delhi is a popular tourist attraction made of using sandstone and marble mausoleum and it comes into existence in 1754. The late Mughal Empire style is depicted for the salesman of Safdarjung. It extends a special ambiance with its domed and arched red-brown and white-colored structures. Safdarjung was the prime minister of the Mughal Empire when Ahmad Shah Bahadur was on the throne in 1748.

26. National Zoological Park


National Zoological Park Delhi

The National Zoological Park or commonly known as Delhi Zoo is spread across 176 acres near the Old Fort in Delhi. In the middle of the vibrant city lies a 16th-century old citadel, a green island, and a great collection of rare flora and fauna species. One can enjoy walking through the beautiful zoo and witnessing the rich fauna species in the park.

27. Tughlaqabad Fort


Tughlaqabad Fort Delhi

A herald lying in the history of India, Tughlaqabad Fort is the ruined fort that stretches across more than 6 km. The fort was built by Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, the founder of the Tughlaq dynasty. He established the historic city of Delhi which was abandoned in 1327. The fort was an enormous structure made of stone with hard walls of about 10-15 meters high walls.

28. Kuchesar



A village in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh is Kuchesar which is located 100 kms away from Delhi. It was the seat of Zamindari. The mud fort in Kuchesar is famous that was built in the mid 18th century. There are amazing heritage hotels in Delhi which is also a part of the fort. The fort has 16 well-maintained and properly arranged rooms along with impeccable service.

29. Mehrauli Archaeological Park


Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Mehrauli archeological park is a predominant archaeological space sprawling across 200 acres in Mehrauli, Delhi. It is located close to Qutub Minar and Complex. With more than 100 historically important monuments are coexisting within the park. The park has been witnessing occupation and includes the ruins of Lal Kot built by Tomar Rajputs as well. The remnants in the park are date back to the 10th century as well to explore in Delhi Tour by Car.

30. Pragati Maidan


Pragati Maidan

The Pragati Maidan is located on the Mathura road which is an exhibition cum complex center with a total area of around 150 acres. It is well-equipped with paved lawns, roads, outlets, and gardens. Pragati Maidan is well known as a progress ground and is highly renowned fostering it the title of being the best place to visit in Delhi. Located around 16 vast and voluminous halls in total, Pragati Maidan is the largest exhibition center in Delhi.

31. Purana Qila

Old Fort or Purana Qila is one of the ancient and important forts in Delhi having its existence during the time of Sher Shah Suri. He was the founder of the Sur Empire and he erected the citadel of Purana Qila along with a spacious complex around it. The fort was considered to be the inner citadel of the city of Din Panah during Humayun’s reign. Every day there is a sound and light show that takes place after sunset at the fort regarding its history.

32. Nizamuddin Dargah

Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is a well-known tourist destination in India famous among Muslim pilgrims. It is a mausoleum of the Sufi saint, Hazrat Khwaja Syed Nizamuddin Auliya. It is worshiped by thousands of believers every week but since it was declared to be an attraction in itself, many other visitors flock here. Every night qawwali performance takes place on the premises, especially on Thursdays are considered to be more special.

33. Jamali Kamli Mosque and Tomb

A popular mosque with archaeological significance for India is Jamali Kamli Mosque and Tomb related to it. It is located in the archaeological village complex in Mehrauli in Delhi. There are two monuments connecting with each other the mosque and tomb of two persons Jamali and Kamali. The name was an alias given to Shaikh Fazlullah and he was also known as Shaikh Jamali Kamboh or Jalal Khan.

34. National Museum

Among the list of places to visit in Delhi includes, the National Museum of India where a visit will give you a lifetime experience. The largest repository in India contains many prominent artworks dated over 5000 years ago and is one of the best places in east Delhi. Inside the museum, you will get to see works related to Harappan times, several sculptures, carvings, paintings, manuscripts, coins, antiquities, and other valuable objects.

35. Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

The former residence of one of India’s Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi is set in off-white color known as the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum. It is located on a massive expanse beautified with well-maintained lawns and lined up by shady trees, plants, gardens, bushes, and flowers. The museum was built to commemorate the late Mrs. Indira Gandhi after she was assassinated within this mansion on 31st October 1984.

36. Mughal Gardens

One of the popular tourist places in Delhi is the Mughal Gardens which is a spectacular place harboring a wide variety of exotic plant species. As you step inside the garden, the stunning blend of Mughal and European styles will leave you awestruck. It encompasses lush gardens like the Pearl Garden, Circular Garden, and other beautiful gardens to visit in the luxuriant spring bloom.

37. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Kotla is the name of the people of Delhi simply call the famous historic figure the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi. The fortress was built by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq to obtain his version of Delhi city namely Ferozabad. It looks amazingly stunning with a polished sandstone Topra Ashokan Pillar standing tall in the fortress and is one of the best places to visit in east Delhi.

38. Laxminarayan Temple (Birla Mandir)

Birla Mandir is a common name for different Hindu temples built by the Birla family at different destinations in India. All these temples are built of pure white marbles as well as sandstones. Delhi is one of the most important places to visit with family. The temple was designed to be spacious and beautiful along with a proper arrangement for congregational worship and sermons.

39. Paharganj

Located west of the New Delhi Railway Station, Paharganj was known as Shahganj or King’s ganj or marketplace. It is one of the three administrative subdivisions of the Central Delhi district. Paharganj holds plenty of hotels, lodges, restaurants, dhabas, and a variety of shops. A lot of people from domestic as well as international regions come here to spend time with locals and shop for items at cheaper rates.

40. Sarojini Nagar Market

A famous marketplace in South West Delhi, Sarojini Nagar is an atypical shopping spot where you can get several items at pocket-friendly prices. It is located close to Safdarjang Airport and earlier it was known as Vinay Nagarand which later changed to Sarojini Nagar. This is one of the best places to go on the Delhi Shopping Tour where you can buy various items like clothes, accessories, shoes, fabrics, etc.


Whether it is for experiencing the tradition and heritage of the country and getting a glimpse of the history, the capital city of India will surely tempt you. You can plan a visit as Delhi Same Day Tour from Jaipur to enjoy a day excursion to this place. So get packed and book your Delhi trip with us right away!

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