Holi In Rajasthan 2023: Celebrate The Colorful Festival In Traditional Zest!

India’s diverse landscape in February and March is so vibrant that anyone will be astounded by the festivity and positivity. The fudgy winter makes way for the chirpy spring and Holi vibes begin to permeate in the air around. While the celebrations with colors remain constant, places across North India celebrate rituals and traditions around the Holi Festival Tour Package. Rajasthani Holi is different and celebrates quite a few different rituals from what people mostly celebrate in UP, Delhi, and Bihar in North India.

Besides the sumptuous display of colors, the rituals and customs around Holi make a notable attraction in Rajasthan. Be it treating yourself to the signature Holi drinks like lassi, kairi ka paani, bhang chach, and thandai or gorging on the authentic Holi cuisines ker sengar, gatte ki sabji, paneer launglatta, and pakodi wali kadi. Rajasthani Holi has a platterful of offerings to match your taste buds.

6 Major Holi Events in Rajasthan 2023

Are you excited about celebrating Holi in Rajasthan? Here’s a list of 6 major events that you must attend that will make your celebrations extra special and exciting.

Mali Holi in Ajmer –

The most authentic way of celebrating Holi in the Mali community is the celebration by the tradition of men splitting colors on women who then respond to men by hitting them with bamboo or a stick. The custom marks brotherhood and bonhomie which also brings brotherhood and unity among the folks. The fact that the entire city, people, and even the cattle are colored in one tone makes it a wonderful spectacle to capture in Ajmer Tour Package.

Gair Holi in Ajmer –

In the midst of the shower of gulaal, Rajasthan gears up to celebrate Gair Holi which is celebrated in adjoining places near Ajmer. Men from nearby villages, as many as 12 villages, come together and celebrate Holi with drums and musical instruments. The influence of Bhang and Thandai with other sweet delicacies only impels the celebration of the glorious festival in full throttle. Drummers and troupes gather in Godaji Village near Ajmer and perform Gair dance.

Dolchi Holi in Bikaner –

Believed to be an ancient tradition of Holi celebration, this dates back to 300 years back. Dolchi Holi follows a custom in which men throw water on other men in a vessel called Dolchi made of using camel skin. This interesting tradition started with a dispute between two communities. The reason for the dispute, it is believed, was over food. Men from different communities started throwing water on each other to seek a resolution and this gradually became in practice. Be a part of this cultural festival in the Bikaner Tour Packages.

Brij Holi in Bharatpur –

Celebrated primarily in the Brij region in Bharatpur which was founded in the earlier 18th century by Raja Surajmal, Brij Holi is immensely a huge Holi celebration that precedes this festival. The opulence and grandeur of this festival in March are noteworthy. Lord Krishna is worshiped during the festival and various dance and stage shows are hosted. The Raslila dance by men and women dressed as Krishna and Gopis is the main highlight of the festival to experience in the Bharatpur Tour Package.

Dhulandi Holi in Jaipur –

Dhulandi marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring but the legend has another tale associated with it. It’s about Krishna turning blue after drinking demon’s milk. It was only after his mother Yashoda recommended him to color Radha into the same color that he found the perfect solace and ever since then Holi is celebrated to commemorate the event. During the festival, temples all around are adorned with the entire Braj that can be seen basking in a Myriad of colors on the Jaipur Tour Package in the Holi Festival.

Royal Holi in Rajasthan –

Rajasthani Holi can be seen at its glorious best in the city of Royals, Rajasthan holds the distinction of being a reputed place for the Royals from the time unknown. Experience Rajasthani traditional Holi in a royal way. From their attire to cultural programs to the affluent display of the grandeur they inherit. The royal families celebrate Holi in Rajasthan in a very eloquent way. You can be a part of its celebration in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ranthambore, and Pushkar Tour Packages.

Whip up traditional specialties and immerse in the vibrant colors and rich cultures. Rajasthan beholds the distinction of being a reputed place for the royals from the time unknown. The Holi celebration casts its magical spell on everyone. So, are you all set to get drenched in the festivities? If yes, then get packed and plan your trip to Rajasthan Cultural Tour Package.

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