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Mini Bus Hire in Rajasthan

When planning for a long distance outstation journey, two things are really important for you to decide. One is who will you travel with and the second is how will you travel? For the first question, you are the best to decide while for the second we can help you.

We have a variety of options for you that includes to travel by taxis/travelers/ or mini bus.

When should you travel with a Rajasthan Cab’s mini bus?

You can choose to travel by mini bus when:

  • You are planning a weekend getaway with family or friends.
  • If visiting a nearby pilgrimage for you or your elders is on the card.

Why should you choose Mini bus over taxis?

  • You all can be together for a long time, the entire family and friends.
  • Minibuses can be used for long as well as for short distances, in the country and abroad.
  • With minibuses, you can change the itinerary during the journey.
  • Ideal when we have to cover several destinations that too with halts.
  • More comfortable from the customer’s point of view.

How would you book an outstation long distance taxi/cab?

You can just visit our webpage and find out about our services. Please mention the number of passengers, number of days, and the type of the taxi car you need. We keep it simple and provide you all the information on the webpage itself. If you like our offer, please get your mini bus booked through us.

Why book through us?

The Rajasthan Cab Company maintains the standards of service because their idea is to make their clients happy. Here are a few more factors that can convince you to book through us:

  • We allow/offer advance booking options for travel.
  • All our drivers are professional and trained.
  • Definitely, the prices are economical and affordable.
  • A Wide variety of vehicle options.
  • We give you secure and safe rides.
  • Our mini buses can have a screen for your or the kid’s entertainment.

Payment Options:

You can pay us online through debit or credit cards. We can collect the cash as per your convenience. Our idea is to cover you for all the basic travel needs.
S.N. Taxi/Cab Type Persons( min to max) Per Km(Rate) Fare
1 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
2 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
3 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------

For any booking and enquiries, you may call us Mr. Permanand Choudhary at +91 9694757093, 8890161262, 0141 4040687 You may also visit our webpage or send mail for more details., ,