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Taxi Jaipur to Chittorgarh

Also known as Chittor/Chittaur – Hire cab from Jaipur to Chittorgarh for the comfortable and memorable journey. This most visited city is famous for its Bravery, pride and for its great courage at Battle as well. Highlighted Places to visit in this city are:-
Chittorgarh Fort :- This fort is a world Heritage site and one of the largest fort of India. This fort depicts the ancient stories of Emperors like Guhilot, Sisodias, Rani Padmini, Rana Kumbha and many more. There is a temple inside this fort.
Kalika Mata Temple :- This is the temple of Goddess Kali (Bhadrakali), one of the part of Goddess Durga. It is visited mainly on the Navratra (Festival of Goddess Durga).
Vijay Stambh :- It means The Tower of Victory famous for its carving and sculptures over it. It was made by Maharaja Kumbha on the victory over the rulers of Malwa.
Kirti Stambh :- The Tower of Fame, carved with the images of Jain Pantheon and was built by Biherwal Mahajan sanaya. This tower has many Jain temples as well.
Rana Kumbha’s Palace :- The birth place of Maharaja Uday Singh is located near the Vijay stambh.Also famous as Kumbha of Mewar.
Rani Padmini’s Palace :- This palace is made by Alauddin Khilji to see the reflection of Rani by setting the mirror in such angel so that he can see Rani.
Book taxi services for chittorgarh from Jaipur at Lowest Price to visit many more places like Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary, Ancient temple Menal, Barolo, Meera Temple and many more Heritage Places Of Rajasthan too including Udaipur, Rajsamand, Mountabu. The meera temple is famous as in this temple Meera used to worship lord Krishna and the stories about Lord Krishna and Meera are very popular.
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